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Buyers Guide to Kathy Van Zeeland Purses

Updated on June 18, 2013

Where to Buy Kathy Van Zeeland Bags

"Kathy Bags" as I call them can be purchased at numerous places:




TJ Maxx

AJ Wright

Burlington Coat Factory

Even sites like eBay and!

NEW Versus Pre-Owned

Is there really an advantage to buying a NEW Kathy Van Zeeland Bag versus a Pre-Owned bag? Well YES and NO.

The Pro's of buying a brand new bag are that you're getting a new model (not an outdated one), you don't have to worry about wear-and-tear and you are sure to get all of the "accessories" the bag is manufactured to come with.

The "Cons" of buying a NEW Kathy bag is basically limited to only the cost being more.

Does Your Kathy Bag Hold Its Value?

When making a Kathy Van Zeeland Purse Purchase, I like to aim for Limited Edition bags. For example, furry snow leopard, a crazy metallic or a bag that really says "WOW!". I intentionally choose these bags because (besides me LOVING them!) they have the highest resale value when I am ready to "move on" to a new bag. As you will see from eBay listings - a Rare Kathy Bag can sell for quite a bit of cash!

Should You Buy a Kathy Bag from a "Discount Store"?

Some discount stores sell "budget kathy bags"; this is typically because the bag is from "seasons past" or has some form of flaw. The flaw could be that it was returned to a chain-store because something was wrong with it (a scratch in the patent leather or a zipper that "sticks") or the flaw could be in the manufacturing overall (bad stitching, snap-closure wont stay shut, etc).

So while you MAY believe you are getting a GREAT DEAL, you just might not be!


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