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Pink gift ideas for women

Updated on January 8, 2012

Ask a female her favourite color, whatever age she might be, a kid, a girl, a teen, a woman or even a granny. The immediate answer would be "PINK". For ages pink has been the color of a tenderly soft woman. Pink signifies compassion, care and unconditional love. As women we always fall for pink! So here I begin my series of hubs for Valentine's day gift ideas with the most feminine and romantic color Pink. This would not only serve as a stop spot for the puzzled men out there breaking head to find the right gift to impress her, but it would bring together cheap and best collections for anyone crazy like me about the color of love, Pink!

Why Pink?

  • Pink calms and rejuvenates our mind, letting out the feelings of anger and depression and instills a positive feeling in us.
  • It makes us feel loved and kindles the feeling of love in us.
  • Researches say that exposure to large amount of pink can have a de-stressing effect on us.

Handbags- a faithful follower

Any gift, no matter how extravagant it may look is a waste if its not going to be of any use after the D day. But something which is just useful isn't enough. The gift should make her eyes glow with joy. The gift might be something that she had been wanting to buy, but never been able to. Or it can be anything if its going to be of the color she loves. In any way, I feel a handbag tops the list in satisfying the 3 golden rules to be followed while gifting a woman. The gift should:

  1. Look elegant at the same time attractive
  2. Be something which she would use forever
  3. Remind her of U when she looks at it everyday.

(PS: the 3rd bag is large enough to even contain her laptop)

Coach handbags and purses- the absolute style statement

I have hand-picked handbags and purses which are enough to catch the attraction of a woman, the very first look. But if you are  looking for something elite , that would make her friends envy her for having such a caring guy, branded bags like Gucci, Coach, Louis Vuiton are the best choice. They have exquisite designs and durably stitched. They can remain a symbol of her prestige while elegantly speaking your love for years together.  Of all Coach brand offers good giftable bags at a comparatively lower cost. All women love Coach and that too if it is going to be in the pink color, whether Shocking Pink or Baby Pink, they would be in cloud nine!

Passion for Patch

Patchworks have an ever green analogy to style. But the 80s or 90s or even the early 2000s couldn't accept patchworks with Coach. Coach was always had a trademark simplicity and maturity in both design and color. But this piece of patchwork  pink handbag is really cute and awesome! The very look of it suggests how smooth its gonno be in the hands of your smoothie! Whether you plan to get it or not, just visit the ebay page to see its pictures. Really really cute.

Cynthia Rowley Pink Bedding


Set the mood for romance with Pink bedding

Pink is proved to invoke the feeling of gentle romance in both men and women. Then imagine what would happen if you make her bedding in elegant shades of pink? She is sure to get the surprise of her lifetime! Cynthia Rowley is famous for the way she uses the lovely pink color in making bedding that are romantic to the core. The good news is that, there are so many styles to choose from. Check out Cynthia Rowley Bedding for more details!

Guard your angel

Gifting an umbrella ?! You may wonder who on earth would gift such a thing! But you don't always need to follow the crowd, especially when you are looking for something useful as well as unique. And umbrellas here are gorgeously beautiful that she can proudly show her style to the world. Beyond all that, an umbrella can symbolize a form of you, who would protect her from rain and shine.

For all the tech savvy dudettes

There is a common impression among gift buyers that an electronic item is too costly for a gift. But if you are ready to get branded luxury bags, you may very well get her a notebook pc for the same cost. I don't have to mention their utility value of course! And if she already has a laptop, get her a sturdy pink leather case. iPods and MP3 players are available at unbelievable prices even from techno -giants like Apple. They are so slim and sleek that they can be with her always, and will keep reminding her that there's somebody to care.

Finding electronic items that have the lovable pink on them could be a tough task, which is why I have enlisted some good stuffs having the romantic color of love.

For a romantic rest

Fill the air with romance as you close her eyes and make her sit on the gift that you have chosen to comfort her, to rejuvenate her. As a lover or spouse, you would have always wanted to be close to her and do all of them to her. In your absence a bean bag would keep her destressed.

A romantic journey begins right from the feet

Felicitate the feet

This is not just for those looking for gifts, but also for also for women who are looking for matching shoes for their pink outfits. You need to pay extra attention to your shoes when you wear light colored dresses, as an unmatching slipper would spoil the entire personality. The third in the list is by far the softest shoe on earth. They would make your walk at home a pleasurable one. But reviews say that it is not advisable to wash them in a washing machine.

And now for the men who are sceptic about how your woman would react finding a pair of shoes wrapped as a gift. Believe me, nothing could flatter a woman more than her sweetheart descending to her feet and donning it with a shiny shoe with so much care and affection. If all you want your women to feel is your tender care for the delicate side of her, the 3rd one would be the best.

Hot pink lingerie

What else could be a real treat for both you and your girl than gifting a sizzling hot pink lingerie. No one can deny that the hottest color for a lingerie is pink. Though all women agree with this fact, somehow they don't buy pink lingerie for themselves when they shop. Seize this opportunity to get them a pinky wear to see them blush to the same color!

California Girl- Katy Perry

Crazy gifts

This gift needn't be intended for a girl friend alone. If any of you have a friend crazy about weird stuffs, this would definitely bring in the lighter side of her! Women who seem to be interested in dressing a new costume for Halloween will find some use out of these wigs. With Katy Perry's California girls, trying out a wig sometime in life is a dream of every girl!

Indian staying abroad?

Are you an Indian residing in a foreign country, missing the colorful Indian culture? Gift your girl with a intricately designed gorgeous pink saree. From all my experiences in wearing a pink robe, pink is the only color next to white, which beautifully redirects light falling on it onto your face, giving it a gentle glow. All you need to know is how to get cheap designer sarees of her favourite color, she might not mind even if you stop getting her gifts for Valentine's day!

Best way to impress her

Anything that glitters is always loved by a woman. Gifting a pendent or a ring has been a proven success since olden times. You invoke intimacy and sense of support when you don your woman with an ornament. That ornament becomes a part of her. So you not only give her a gift to cherish but also a symbol of yourself which gives her a feeling that you are always with her.

Pretty Pink


Breast cancer Awareness getting popular with Pink

Is pink your favourite color?

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If you feel I have missed out something, do tell me!

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    • elizabeth21 profile image

      elizabeth21 5 years ago

      Thanks Zara!

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      zara mehmud 5 years ago

      i like pink colour but it isnt my favourite sorry but elizabeth u r great

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      elizabeth21 5 years ago

      Thanks lindacee!

    • lindacee profile image

      lindacee 7 years ago from Arizona

      So much pink! I love it! Pink lingerie would be a good addition. This Hub should be required reading for the men in our lives. Great Hub. Voted up, useful and beautiful!