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Revitalizing Your Wardrobe With Silk Scarves and Shawls

Updated on August 25, 2015

It would be nice if with every changing season we could discard the old and buy an entirely new wardrobe. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Few of us women can afford to do so. A simple inspection of our wardrobe will reveal among our more popular clothing, those, that while still serviceable, we wear only on rare occasions. There are also those garments we have grown tired of over the years.

You can revive your old, uninspiring wardrobe in a number of ways. An inexpensive and great way to do so is through silk shawls and scarves. These stunning accessories provide great value for the cost while giving you the ability to change a wide array of outfits with the purchase of a solitary accessory.

You can usually separate a woman’s wardrobe into three separate categories: everyday wear, work clothes and evening dress. Yet, whatever the category, you can rejuvenate the articles of clothing with the addition of a striking handmade silk shawl or scarf.

Work wear, business suits and other related items are amazingly simple to work with. Achieve that elegant new look by merely fastening or wrapping a coordinated or contrasting scarf around the neck. If you opt for a long scarf, use it to create an empire line dress or fashion it into a belt. The amazing designs and color will draw the eye away from the outfit and focus it on the new accessory. As a result, your old outfits will look like something new.

The same principle applies to dressing up or transforming casual clothing. Tee shirts, jeans, skirts and sweaters undergo a metamorphosis. They become classier, more up-scale and smart-casual with the simple addition of a luxurious, chic silk scarf or shawl. You can achieve this in as simple a fashion as tying a silk scarf in your hair and letting the ends trail down your back or across one shoulder.

Evening clothes are costly. You don’t want to wear the same outfit time-after-time, but they are too expensive to replace. There is also the feeling of humility if you wear the same clothing more than once. Avoid this. Take a striking, extensive, hand painted shawl or scarf. Drape it over your shoulders or across your arms. Not a single person will even think this is the same-old-dress.

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    • shoesonline profile image

      shoesonline 7 years ago

      What a beautiful way to update the fashion looks in your closet. Simply exquisite scarfs!

    • manmade76 profile image

      manmade76 7 years ago from Kolkata

      Great tips given to revitalize the Wardrobe.Silk Shawls are very Popular in India also and it is counted in the all time fashion,never gets old.