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A Woman's Style And Fashion

Updated on February 20, 2015
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Different Women Wear Different Clothes

A Woman's Fashion

There are many different kinds of women in the world and each one has a unique fashion statement that they make.

But there are certain norms in society and fashion trends for women in different lives. For example, you can follow magazines, and other media to get more of an idea on what is current fashion for a woman to wear in different categories. For example:

A Business Woman

A Housewife

A Secretary

A Lady of Leisure

A Rich Wife

All these kinds of women will follow a certain fashion and style and what a woman wears to work, at home, or at the country club or beauty spa defines what kind of woman she is and what she does.

For example, a business woman may have seven work suits and outfits in her wardrobe and a lady of leisure would have none. She would have, on the other hand, seven day wear outfits for casual and formal outings.

And you will also find that the shops a woman goes to will also depend on what style she follows or has. Big department stores have something for everyone,but, smaller boutiques may cater more for the housewife and not for the girl who goes to the office everyday.

Every woman has their own style which defines the kind of person she is and will wear clothes that she thinks suit her style.

What About Your Style?

Do you organize your wardrobe or just buy the clothes and accessories that you need when you need them? Some women are 'Fashionistas' and will not wear anything that is passe or out of the current season's trends and others won't care what they wear and will wear anything even if it is very old and not 'fashion'.

Here is a list of some women's fashion essentials:



Tops, Blouses






How do you choose your clothes and what will influence their decision in buying them?

Generally all media advertising for anything will give a girl an idea of what she wants to wear. An advert about an office shows women in work clothes and an ad about a mum at home shows a woman in her casual home clothes.

Looking in fashion magazines, watching the TV, and seeing other adverts and press gives a woman an idea of what style she wants to use and also what other women are also wearing.

Following fashion and having the latest in handbags, dresses and coats are a must for every woman in every walk of life and being sure of what image you want to project helps her to create a perfect wardrobe according to her individual style.

Your Fashion Collection

cotton dress
silk shirt
party dress
t shirt
ball gown

What will you wear?

*Hot Tip*

You'll need a variety of different clothes in your wardrobe that you can choose from to wear everyday.

You can mix and match your clothes and accessories and just pick up the whole outfit when you are ready to wear it.

Or you can keep a selection of items in your closet and choose what to wear each day according to your lifestyle and day or evening outing or event that you are going to.

Here's a few things to think about when you get dressed everyday:

  • What kind of mood are you in and will you dress accordingly?
  • What are you dressing for - everyday, an event, a party, a business meeting?
  • Where are you going?
  • What kind of people are you mixing with?

How a woman dresses depends on the kind of lifestyle she has and also where she is going and what kind of occasion it is will also help her make the decision on what to wear.

Tell Us What You Think

What Outfits Do You Prefer To Wear?

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Essential Women's Wardrobe Items

Here are some combinations for a woman's wardrobe and outfits which go together


  • Tight Fitting Dress
  • Long Loose Dress
  • Short Fitted Mini Dress
  • Flared Dress with Fitted Top


  • Silk Shirt
  • Corset Top
  • T Shirt
  • Fitted Jacket Top


  • Mini Skirt
  • Jeans
  • Long Pencil Skirt with Slit
  • Flared Skirt
  • Wool Trousers

Womens + Girls Fashion Guide On Free Video At YouTube

Popular Women's Fashion Labels

Women's Designer Fashion Names and Brands

Christian Dior
Vivienne Westwood
Dolce & Gabanna
Georgio Armani

High Street Shops

Top Shop
T Max
Karen Millen

There is a huge difference in shopping at Guess than Hennes and the same as between Gucci and Joseph.

Buying Armani suits for work every day shows that you are a rich business woman and buying suits from Marks and Spencer shows that you probably work in the office as a secretary or in another administrative role.

It is unlikely that you will want to buy your clothes from TU, George or Top Shop, if you have money and more likely that the woman who shops in Karen Millen and Joseph won't want to shop in Hennes or Top Shop.

Buying your clothes from popular fashion names shows what kind of woman someone is and how much money she has. She will still be able to shop the current fashion trends but on a much cheaper level.

This already helps a woman to choose what will be in her wardrobe whatever her style or fashion sense as how much the clothes cost will determine whether or not she goes shopping in them.

What Do You Think?

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