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Buy A Romantic Music Box Or Romantic Jewelry Box For Valentines Day

Updated on March 4, 2012

Romantic Gifts For Her -- Musical Jewelry Boxes

One of the most romantic gifts that a man can give a woman is a musical jewelry box. Most women had a jewelry box as a little girl , usually the kind that had a little ballerina dancing inside. It's where we kept our first pair of diamond earrings, first necklace every given to us by a boy or first charm bracelet.

I was given mine by my grandmother and still have it back in my old room at my parents' house. Whenever I see it, it reminds me of how I used to like to store costume jewelry in there and then play dress-up with my friends.

That said, adult women love music boxes, too! There are many gorgeous kinds of jewelry boxes available, though to make things even more romantic, you can present the gift to her with some jewelry already inside. But even on its own, a beautiful and romantic musical jewelry box will be a memorable gift.

Musical Jewelry Boxes Made Of Wood

When women store their jewelry, they don't merely want some box to stuff it in. They want a beautiful jewelry box that matches the style of the room and is a piece of art on its own. These wooden jewelry boxes would make perfect romantic Valentine's day gifts for this reason.

The jewelry box with the violin design on top is an ideal choice for someone who plays an instrument or simply loves music. The musical jewelry box plays the classic tune "Fur Elise," setting that romantic mood. Meanwhile, the red roses music box presents a striking contrast between the black music box and brightly-painted flower.

The ballerina music box is a lovely, but more adult nod to those ballerina jewelry boxes many of us had as kids. Meanwhile, the jewelry box that has the picture frame built into it is a great gift to give a mother. Imagine how romantic a gift it would be if you put pictures of your children into the frame or photos from your wedding?

Faberge Egg Jewelry Boxes

Everyone has heard of the luxurious Faberge Eggs, which are those fabulous and rare, and very, very expensive jeweled eggs from Russia. While you might not be able to get your hands on one of the originals (I'm envious of those of your who can), you can still give a Faberge style egg musical jewelry box.

These eggs may not be as rare as the originals, but they're certainly beautiful. Each jewelry box is covered with crystals and ornate designs. Trust me, nothing is better than receiving a nice, sparkly gift on a special day ... and these jewelry boxes make great gifts for her.

My favorite is the platinum egg covered with Swarovski crystals. It's not only breathtaking to look at, but it even comes with a special velvet ring insert so you can include jewelry! This would be the perfect way to present a Claddagh ring or even an engagement ring (hint, hint).

I also like the golden Faberge style egg that plays the wedding march. This one would make a perfect gift for Valentine's Day or a gift for an anniversary. It'll remind your wife how special she is to you and will be something she'll always treasure.

Victorian Musical Jewelry Boxes

The wonderful thing about jewelry boxes is that they come in about a million different styles. One really popular style is a vintage looking one. One of my close friends is a big fan of Victorian style items and she loves these types of music boxes.

My favorite is the musical jewelry box that's shaped like a trunk. How adorable is that? It also has that beautiful tapestry design over the top and would make a great home for your loved one's jewelry.

The designs on the other two are exquisite. If your significant other favors a more bohemian look, you might want to go for the ones with the sewn on design. Otherwise, the Italian jewelry box with the inlaid design also makes a romantic gift.


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      Steve and Sandra musicbox mall 7 years ago

      You have a really good blog here, it is really descriptive. My wife loves to collect and I must show her this page. Good job!