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Twilight Jewelry -- Valentine's Gifts For Twilight Fans

Updated on July 9, 2011

What To Get Your Girlfriend For Valentine's Day? How About Twilight Jewelry?

If you're not sure what to buy your sister, girlfriend or best friend for Valentine's Day this year, take a look around her room. Does she have a life-sized Edward cut-out? Multiple Twilight and New Moon posters? Edward, Bella and Jacob action figures? The full collection of the Twilight books sitting prominently on her shelf?

If she does, then chances are, she LOOOOVES Twilight. If that's the case, then getting her a gift is easy: buy something Twilight inspired that's beautiful and from the heart.

This is why Twilight jewelry is such a great gift idea for Twilight fans. The rings, necklaces and bracelets are beautiful and there's something for every taste -- even if the person isn't a Twilight fan. They're also not too expensive, so they won't break your budget.

So if you're looking for something cute and fun that speaks to your fellow Twilight lover's interests, some jewelry might just be the way to go!

Bella's Wedding Ring - And Other Twilight Rings

Twilight rings are a great way to express your love or friendship for a Twilight fan. In the Twilight series, of course, Edward and Bella's love was sealed when he gave her a beautiful engagement ring in the third book, Eclipse. It was then that poor Jacob knew that he pretty didn't much have a chance with Bella (though he did give romance his best shot throughout the books).

These amazing Twilight rings, which are inspired by the series, are all vintage in appearance and feature gorgeous-looking designs and colors. They come in many styles and sizes so there's the perfect ring for any Twilight lover! Because there are so many different kinds, several different rings can be matched to outfits.

The best part of Twilight rings is that they're beautiful and high quality, but are considerably less expensive than most other jewelry. So you can give a beautiful gift and show your loved one that you understand and support her obsession with Twilight ... but not spend all of your savings in the process.

Beautiful Twilight Necklaces

If you feel that giving a ring is way, too personal, go for a Twilight necklace instead. These pieces of jewelry are versatile, beautiful and are sure to perk up any outfit.

Imagine your loved one's face when you give her the crystal heart necklace, modeled after the little heart that Edward gave Bella (he explained that it was a symbol of himself, since as a vampire he sparkled). Or if crystal's not her thing, why not give your Twi-hard a locket? You can put your photo inside (or perhaps put a cut-out of Edward inside instead; trust me, that'll show her that you REALLY understand her love for Twilight!).

Like the Twilight rings, most of these necklaces have a vintage feel; this sets the mood of the books and movies perfectly since the Cullen ladies, Alice, Esme and Rosalie, all lived in earlier eras before getting turned. These necklaces definitely reflect the type of jewelry they'd own.

Even if your girlfriend, sister or friend isn't a Twilight fan, these necklaces are so beautiful that any jewelry lover will enjoy wearing them.

Gorgeous Twilight Bracelets

A bracelet can add the perfect accent to an outfit and is a wonderful token of affection. Pair one of these Twilight bracelets with a Twilight inspired necklace or ring and you've put together an amazing gift that won't soon be forgotten!

The Twilight inspired bracelets with the stones set in the center are great because they match almost any type of outfit. Same goes for the one that has the Cullen family crest etched onto it.

A girl can wear these bracelets with a fancy dress or she can put it on with jeans and a sweater. If you really want to be romantic, get her the charm bracelet with the wolf and crystal heart on it. In the Twilight series, Bella wore such a bracelet with a wolf charm, representing the shape shifter, Jacob, and the heart, representing Edward.

No matter which bracelet you choose, though, the Twilight fan in your life is sure to look great and wear it well! Even better, she's sure to appreciate your well thought out holiday gift.

Twilight Jewelry Boxes

Okay, let's say that you've decided to splurge this holiday season and have purchased Twilight rings, Twilight necklaces and Twilight bracelets as Christmas gifts for a Twilight fan. Well, now you have to put all of this Twilight inspired jewelry into a nice case, right?

That's where the Twilight jewelry box comes in. There are several different kinds, all of which feature the Twilight characters, Bella, Edward and Jacob. A couple even have music and play Bella's lullaby, the romantic tune that Edward composed just for her.

But even if you don't get any of the Twilight jewelry, these beautiful jewelry boxes are great for storing any other trinkets that your loved one may own. Each has a lined inside and plenty of space for necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets and any other types of jewels.

Whichever Twilight gift you ultimately get this Christmas season is sure to make your loved one very happy. Better yet, it'll certainly dazzle her, just as Edward did for Bella.

Twilight Jewelry Boxes


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    • profile image

      twilight jewellery 7 years ago

      Many of those individuals who enjoy white gold also enjoy silver and for those on a budget this is often the alternative choice in jewelry.

    • keira7 profile image

      keira7 8 years ago

      Every year its the same problem, I always find it diffucult to decide what to buy. Great hub NaomiR. Thanks.:)