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Buy Valentines Day Heart Lockets

Updated on July 17, 2011

Heart Locket Necklaces For Valentine's Day

Heart lockets are a wonderful gift to give someone in your life for Valentine's Day because they can be a sweet, thoughtful or romantic present. That said, they deliver the "triple whammy" of ideas for Valentine's Day gifts: they're beautiful, they're jewelry (which let's face it, most women and girls like receiving) and they're from the heart (pun intended).

One of the best gifts I've received was a locket from cousins who used to own a jewelry store. They gave me an engraved silver heart locket for my birthday, which is also in February. I still own it and wear it (though in all honesty, I've never added a photo).

Heart locket necklacesĀ can easily be personalized if you stick tiny photos inside of them. For instance, if you give a heart locket to your wife, you could perhaps put your wedding photo in there or one of your kids. If you're giving one to your mom, you can put in a family picture or a photo of yourself as a child. If you're giving a heart locket to your daughter, you can perhaps include a picture of her parents or grandparents.

Give a heart locket and it's sure to be a treasured Valentine's Day gift that will be worn and loved for years to come.

Silver Heart Locket Necklaces

When it comes to jewelry, I'm a huge fan of silver. In my opinion, it's a bit more subtle than gold and doesn't shine quite so bright, so you can wear silver jewelry with almost anything. I also like jewelry that's heart shaped (last year for my birthday, my husband gave me silver heart earrings), so I'm partial to these necklaces.

Though all of these necklaces are silver and shaped like hearts, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some have a smoother finish; some have gemstones. The best way to choose a heart locket is to think about which one you can best see the person wearing. For instance, if your wife doesn't like flashy jewelry, then you probably don't want to get her a huge heart with diamonds all over it. But if she likes to wear ornateĀ "statement jewelry," then that would make a great choice for her.

When you give your loved one her heart locket necklace, try to do it with the photo already inside, rather than waiting. It can always be changed.

Gold Heart Locket Necklaces

If you want to give something a little more bold and shiny than a silver heart locket, then go for a gold heart locket necklace.

Like the silver necklaces, these hearts come in many different styles. The yellow gold domed heart has no gemstones or borders on it, but it's smooth finish and simple, chic design make it a stand-out piece.

Meantime, the heart locket with the diamond in the center is also simple, but takes the necklace to the next level.

Most of these heart lockets are 14 karat gold, but for a real splash, you might want to consider the 18 karat gold heart locket, which as you can see, is a much brighter gold. Whenever your loved one wears this, it's sure to be an eye-catching piece of jewelry!

Engraved Heart Locket Necklaces

There are about as many different types of heart lockets as there are stars in the sky. I especially love engraved lockets, which come in both silver and gold and give a whole, new spin on the classic heart shape.

What's great about an engraved locket is that it's the details that make the difference. Look closely and you can see swirls of flowers or other intricate designs. These aren't just heart necklaces; they're pieces of art. It's kind of like when you add crown molding to a room; that extra little detail can turn a beautiful room into a stunning masterpiece.

What's great about these lockets, too, is that they're priced to fit every budget. You don't need a million dollars to buy a romantic Valentine's Day gift. If you get a beautiful heart locket and then fill it with photos that actually mean something to the person you're giving it, too (note: if the locket comes with generic photos inside, take them out!), you can be confident that you're giving a gift which will be liked.

It is Valentine's Day, so remember to go that extra mile, whether this is being given to your wife, mother or daughter. Wrap the heart locket in a nice box and give a card ... express yourself with your words and actions as much as you do with the gift.


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    • CMHypno profile image

      CMHypno 8 years ago from Other Side of the Sun

      Lockets make lovely gifts - hopefully your hub will give all the guys a nudge in the right direction. How about a platinum heart locket?

    • profile image

      julie 8 years ago

      Ooooo Good Idea to get the men thinking early! :O)