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Buy A Heart Ring For Valentine's Day

Updated on January 12, 2011

Heart Rings For Romance And Friendship

Our hearts, of course, keep us alive, but the heart shape is one of most beloved. This is because of all it symbolizes: love, friendship, caring, understanding.

Many beautiful heart-shaped jewelry is out there, but one way to show someone how much she means to you is to give a heart ring. Since a ring is in a circle, it's eternal. And the heart is just an additional way to express your deep feelings. Plus, heart rings are beautiful to look at and wear.

Heart rings are appropriate for almost any occasion, such as Valentine's Day, a birthday or an anniversary. What's wonderful about heart rings is that they can mean anything from romance to friendship. If you're dating someone and aren't quite ready to give an engagement ring, a birthstone heart ring is a lovely present to give in the meantime. However, you can also buy a diamond heart ring and present it as an engagement ring or even give a silver heart ring to a longtime pal simply as a token of friendship.

Heart Rings With Diamonds

If you want to go all out for your honey, then buying her a gorgeous diamond ring shaped like a heart is the perfect way to say, "I love you." These rings are a very romantic gift to give for Valentine's Day or an anniversary. Diamonds are usually given to someone who you've been with for a while because they tend to indicate a serious relationship.

These beautiful rings have both diamonds -- a.k.a., a girl's best friend -- and the heart shape, which is an appropriate way for you to express your love for her.

As you can see, there are many designs to choose from. My favorite is the ring that has the diamonds bordering around the heart. This way, the heart shape is brought out by the sparkling gems. I also like the two-tone heart ring, which would match almost any outfit.

For a simpler, more streamlined look, the silver rings with the diamond in the center are also exquisite.

Whichever heart ring you choose, you can't go wrong with any of them. They're sure to make your loved one's Valentine's Day, Christmas, birthday or anniversary special.

Gemstone Heart Rings

If you're looking to give someone a ring with some color and sparkle, then a gemstone heart ring is the way to go. To make the gift even more special, get a heart ring that contains your loved one's birthstone.

My personal favorite is the amethyst ring, though I'm biased because that's my birthstone! Still, I love the cut of the stone with the border around it.

Even if your honey's birthstone isn't a ruby, a red ruby heart ring is a wonderful gift to give for Valentine's Day since red and pink are the unofficial colors for the holiday. A ruby is also a very striking stone, especially against a white gold band.

The claddagh heart rings are almost like three rings in one. You have the beautiful stone, the lovely band and then it's a claddagh ring, which is a traditional Irish ring given to symbolize love. This makes an exquisite anniversary gift or Valentine's Day present.

Any of these rings make a great statement and are a way of giving your heart to someone you care about.

Silver Heart Rings

A silver heart ring makes a great gift for a daughter, mother or friend, as well as a romantic partner. Unlike diamonds, silver doesn't automatically indicate romance, so these rings are perfect to give for Valentine's Day or simply as a friendship ring.

The big silver heart ring is a fun way to show how much you care about someone. The large, shiny heart is simple, but pretty, and will certainly be an eye-catching piece!

Meanwhile, the studded heart rings have a wonderful vintage look and are examples of how great costume jewelry can be.

The interlocked hearts are gorgeous to look at and make a great friendship ring. The little hearts show how much your lives and love are intertwined. It would make a lovely and incredibly thoughtful gift for sisters to exchange or for someone to give her best friend for a birthday or Valentine's Day.

There are so many silver heart rings to choose from, the right one is surely waiting for you.


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