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Duck Tattoo Designs

Updated on July 9, 2014


Ducks are a fantastic bird, with a wide array of types, colors and sizes, which has attracted many artists through the years, who have put the beautiful creatures on canvasses of many types.

That's also true with tattoo artists, who in response to demand, have created a plethora of duck designs to satisfy almost any taste.

Other than the opening duck tattoo, which of course is based upon a realistic image of a duck, we'll look more at the cartoon tattoo ducks, most with a touch of humor.

There have been a lot of different cartoon ducks through the years, including two of the most obvious: Donald Duck and Daffy Duck. That has led to a slew of duck and bird characters, as they are great source material to create interesting characters out of, which transfers well to tattoo designs.

Duck Tattoo Designs

The duck tattoo directly below is that of a male Mallard duck. The gorgeous green head is the main identifiable characteristic of the duck, and one which most of us have seen at one time in their lives or another.

As you can see, with the green head, white ring around the neck, and yellow beak, it makes for a great image.

While the focus of this article will be on cartoon ducks and humor, to me it wouldn't be a duck tattoo article without including one picture of a Mallord duck.


Baby Duck Tattoo

One of the more endearing elements of duck characters is the human persona incorporated into them, where we see a mirror image of ourselves and all the strengths and foibles which are part of the human race.

That's the case with this delightful tattoo of a baby black duck, quite possible meant to portray Daffy in his infant years.

It's hilarious to see the baby duck holding the baby bottle and rattle, while sitting in a diaper. Funny.


Baby Duck with Halo

Next we have another young duck tattoo design, this time with one sporting a halo above its head.

That seems to speak to the way so many of us view our children or grandchildren, who in our eyes can do no wrong. Or it is probably closer to reality, where it represents a child who things they can do no wrong, regardless of their actions.

Whichever it is, it is a fun tattoo what would be great choice for fans of ducks and what is being portrayed in the tattoo design.


Dancing Duck Tattoo

I really enjoy this dancing duck tattoo design, with its sparkling eyes revealing its merriment, along with the leg lifted up, showing the duck in the middle of a dance step.

The quality of the duck is fantastic, and I love the feet, which look terrific.

Overall, the face is my favorite part, as not only are the eyes sparkling, but the mouth is fixed in a permanent smile, as the duck dances in the midst of the falling red petals.


Duck Tattoos on Shaved Head

This is a pretty creative tattoo design, not only the three ducks shown flying on the shaved part of the head, but also the color of the man's hair, which is very close to the hue on the Mallard's heads.

One thing about getting a tattoo on the shaved part of the head is you can always grow your hair out and cover it up if you want to.


Donald Duck Marine Tatttoo

Most of us have probably seen this, or a similar image, of Donald Duck as a Marine. It gives a completely different look for Donald, who is shown much more serious and tough than we usually think of him.

That face is fantastic, and the lines in it extremely well done. You feel you're looking at a tough drill Sergeant when looking at the tattoo.


Duck Tattoo Designs and Gallery

In this brief look at duck tattoos, you can see why they can be so compelling and a desirable choice for many people.

You can have a duck tattoo design of a realistic duck, as in the first photo, or a variety of options to choose from, which include cartoon characters, dancing ducks, or any number of endless designs to choose from.

If I was going the route of choosing a duck tattoo, I would definitely go with the realistic male Mallard duck, but that's just me, as all of these are awesome choices for duck fans.


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