Different concepts of beauty

  1. LensMan999 profile image53
    LensMan999posted 4 years ago

    Different people have different concepts about being beautiful. Some think being slim is the best way to remain attractive, some think that the fairness of the skin is a key factor and so on….. But what actually is beauty???

  2. elenagarcia profile image76
    elenagarciaposted 4 years ago

    Beauty is having good character, a pleasant personality, good manners, being well spoken, being kind without a reason, being honest, standing up for what is right, and treating others the way you would want to be treated.

  3. Zelkiiro profile image93
    Zelkiiroposted 4 years ago

    Beauty is, of course, in the eye of the beholder, and to this beholder, beauty comprises of intelligence, ambition, enthusiasm, and artistic expression.

    That, and whatever aesthetic fetishes the beholder desires. I'm a fan of short (possibly unkempt?) hair and glasses, myself.