Answers to new ear piercing questions?

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    Jwiraposted 8 years ago

    Answers to new ear piercing questions?

    Hey so heres my little story telling/question bit. I got my one ear lobe pierced about 6 months ago and was wanting to stretch it but I would go to a piercer just to be safe. I figured while I try to stretch that ear I might as well get my other lobe pierced but instead of waiting all those months for my other ear to heal before I stretch it I was wondering if it would be ok to get it pierced at a 10 gauge? Would it most likely close up if I needed it to or stay the same size? (probably depends on the person I assume) And last question,would a piercer let me use a taper in a fresh piercing?

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    Whitney05posted 8 years ago

    I answered your questions that you posted on my hub. You posted the same thing on there.

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    Angarastoneposted 7 years ago

    I give answered of your question.Studs Earrings are ear piercing.