Hello! I am a college student and I dance competitively on my school's dance tea

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    lindsayptaylorposted 7 years ago

    Hello! I am a college student and I dance competitively on my school's dance team. I would love...

    to go natural, but whe it comes time to wear my hair down, or half up half down...my hair does not stay straight after one dance routine! I have not had a perm in a little over 3months, but this had been difficult for me. Do you have any suggestions on how to keep my hair straight during these dance routines?!

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    Research Analystposted 7 years ago

    It is a challenge to come up with a practical solution when you go natural and you also workout at the gym, take swim classes or dance practice, because the sweat, steam and humidity will cause natural hair to revert or curl up instead of staying straight. The best option is to put the hair in a protective style or braid the hair up in big platts that later can be taken a loose but your hair will have a wavy texture to it.
    Getting straight hair will be a challenge unless you are able to put it into a ponytail to stretch the hair out from the scalp.

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    K.G1994posted 7 years ago

    It may sounds gross but being a dancer myself and having to out my hair in a quiff nearly every 2 weeks you learn a few things...
    it depends whether you are super high on hygiene???
    the night before the dance show or what ever it is....can also be used for parties/fancy dress...
    DO NOT WASK YOUR HAIR THE NIGHT BEFORE!!!!! do what ever you need to do the night before no wasjing of the hair though and literally cover it in hairspray!!!! sleep on it and it may need a tad bit of taming in the morning but your hair stays perfectly!!!!