Why models are not smiling?

  1. okta12 profile image58
    okta12posted 6 years ago

    Why models are not smiling?

    Have you seen models on stage? Their faces are dead, without emotions. Why is it so? I remember I saw art deco photo (30's) in which all models were smiling and they looked beautiful.

  2. skellie profile image78
    skellieposted 6 years ago

    Hi, I was a model for many years. For some really silly reason. The designers that allow you to wear their designs, believe that if the model smiles on stage, it will make the audience focus on the model and not the design.
    We are told backstage, to keep a straight face at all times!
    Very rarely is there an exception to that rule.
    If the designs are more light hearted - bathers, sleep wear etc, the designer may request you smile, to give the appearance of fun.

    Hope this helps a bit?   Skellie

  3. surale profile image76
    suraleposted 6 years ago

    there is a lot of make up on their face. They can not smile due to the fear of cracks on make up base . There are a lot of lights and a pressure from the designer on ramp . due to all these reasons models does not smile.