So my nose hoop wont stop scabbing and bleeding when I clean it. No puss is pres

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    Jarrod Beltranposted 22 months ago

    So my nose hoop wont stop scabbing and bleeding when I clean it. No puss is present. What do I do?

    Its been in my nose for 3 weeks now, I clean it 3-4 times a day with a saline solution but every time I clean it, the scab comes off and it bleeds. Then that blood dries and forms a new scab. Its been an on going process for about a week or so now and its annoying. There's no puss coming out, nor is my nose irritated or sore. It's just bleeding and it's ugly. How do I get it to heal without taking out the hoop and having to get it re-pierced for the 3rd time.? Also there is a bit of skin covered in blood pushing out of the outside of my nose. Also not infected or irritated. just ugly.

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    Aime Fposted 22 months ago

    How do you clean it?  It sounds silly but you should be essentially dipping the side of your nose into a shallow cup of salt solution.  That way you're not actually touching or putting any direct pressure on the piercing and irritating it whenever you clean it.  If you're already using that method and it seems to be the solution that's irritating it then you might want to double check how much salt you're using in the solution.  If that all adds up then I'd go back to the shop and talk to the piercer about it, it definitely shouldn't be bleeding for no discernible reason.

    What do you mean a bit of skin?  Like a piece that was ripped when they pierced it?  If so, it sounds like they didn't do a very good job and you might need to let it close and heal and go to a more reputable piercer next time if you decide to get it done again.  If it's a little red bump that's formed around the hole (looks like a keloid) then that's very normal and should go down/away with time and cleaning.

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    ptosisposted 22 months ago

    Take it out before the body jewelry goes horribly wrong. Looks disgusting. Of if not, make sure it is real gold or silver.