hair care

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    fashionsisters101posted 7 years ago

    There are a few basic hair tip I want to share with you
    When washing your hair make sure you use a good shampoo that can clean your hair and also protects it
    I use head and shoulders shampoos because it not only gets rid of dandruff but also makes your hair smooth

    For conditioner I use a different brand and that is Pantene the reason why that is because I want to grow my hair, I don’t want split-ends so I use Pantene anti split – ends conditioner
    -    I recommend that you don’t wash your hair everyday
    -    You can condition everyday and wash  every other day

    I have tried Wen but its a little bit oily and I really don’t like oily hair so I never liked it

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      cyaanwillowsposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      im a hairdresser ,...

      if you have coloured hair do not use head and shoulders
      it fades the colour within 7 washes!

      and if you want to know a little secret for split ends?
      wash your hair with regular shampoo .. rinse repeat ect.
      put a conditioner on and then a shower cap sleep with the shower cap on and conditioner and rinse in the morning. soft sleek hair and hardley any split ends. do this about once a week!