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Snow boots for women and other cute boots

Updated on July 2, 2013

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When it comes to fashion, then nothing seems to be more polarizing than the women's boots market. Cute boots can be found on any website that sells apparel, but no two boots garner the same praise, and no two individuals can seem to agree on the merits of any particular brand or style.

Snow boots for women come in so many shapes, sizes, styles and brands, that one can get lost when searching for the perfect pair. I should know; This past Christmas 2010, I decided I was gonna surprise m'lady with a new pair of boots. She loves boots, and there is a DSW just across the street from our home, so how freakin' hard could it possibly be, right?! RIGHT!

The more I searched, the more I realized I'd possibly bitten off more than I could chew, swallow and digest. She had so many elegant pairs of boots, that I wanted to go a different direction. As I shopped I started to notice that many of the women and girls around me in the store, and any other store for that matter, were sportin' these slipper boot lookin' get-ups.

Personally, I find the style to be a bit frumpy, and that's just me being nice. The style I'm talkin' about, of course, is Uggs. They couldn't be more aptly named in my opinion, because every time I see a pair of these, I go 'UGH!' nearly out loud. But, I'm in no position to judge any fashion really, so I started researching the market, looking for the best prices. What I found was an interesting history lesson in the origin and state of UGG boots.

Cheap Ugg boots are hard to find, and the market is filled with Ugg boots for cheap that simply aren't Ugg boots at all. There are so many cheap knock-offs in the marketplace that the 'buyer beware tag' definitely applies to this sector of apparel. Cheap Uggs are available for those who are willing to look hard enough, but I still don't understand the craze. The history of this boot is simply fascinating, though...

Brief History of Ugg Boots

Ugg boots are seen on everyone these days, from toddlers to teens to grandparents. These boots have made their way from Australia to California and now are all over the world. It is not only the comfort that makes Uggs so popular, but also the easy going style that works with almost any outfit. In the history of Ugg boots, they have crossed continents, been made famous by Hollywood stars, won numerous awards and branched out to many other styles.

Though Australians and New Zealand'ers have been wearing sheepskin and wool boots for hundreds of years, it was in the 1970‘s that surfers began wearing them. They wanted something warm, comfortable, and easy to put on after surfing that would also work for walking over the sandy and rocky beaches. These boots fit the bill. A surfer named Brian Smith saw the potential here and thought to market them in the United States. This was the beginning of the Ugg boots craze.

Smith saw the success in Australia and headed towards the United States with the boots. It was in Southern California that the US surfers saw what the Australians had already known, and the Uggs became all the rage. From surfers to Hollywood stars, Uggs were beginning their rise to fame. Once movie stars began wearing them, though at first they were thought to be unsightly, everyone wanted them. Now they are so popular that they can be seen as often on the feet of suburban middle school girls as on those of celebrities. Uggs have even been featured on Oprah’s favorite things a few times for different styles, and she is said to have bought 350 pairs to gift to her staff.

Though the term “Ugg” was once generic for the style of sheepskin boots, now it is a trademark name held by Deckers Outdoor Corporation, the current manufacturer of Ugg boots. Ugg does still carry the name of Ugg Australia, though Deckers is the manufacturer based in Southern California since acquiring the brand from Brian Smith in 1995. However, there is still a lot of dispute over the name.

Does is it apply to the style of the boot, which many other brands make, or only to the specific brand of Ugg Australia? The answer actually is both. Ugg is a registered trademark name in over 100 worldwide countries and only applies to Ugg Australia brand in those countries, but in Australia and New Zealand, it just means the particular style of sheepskin and wool boots, no matter the brand.

These boots come in many different styles and colors now, though they started with just two styles and one classic color. The original color was tan. Now, colors range from black and caramel to artichoke green and orchid bloom pink, even a variety of patterns exists. Just as the colors have expanded, so have the styles from the classic boot and many other new boot styles, including slippers, sandals, even tennis shoes.

Who knows how long this craze will last, but it does not seem to be going anywhere. Uggs may be here to stay for quite some time, and the history of Ugg boots is far from finished.

That's just a brief and interesting history of Uggs. I eventually settled for a pair of boots I found at DSW. I couldn't bring myself to make an online purchase of this magnitude, and so I just told m'lady that when the time was right, she could tell me exactly what she wanted, and then I'd buy it for her. Money is no object when it comes to my baby!

Isn't that the way that gift giving should almost always be? Think about how simple and hassle-free relationships could be, if this were the way of the world...

Good luck finding the right boots to suit your personal style and taste. It truly is a jungle out there...


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