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How To Have More Followers In Twitter - Scientists Show Their Findings

Updated on April 17, 2013

Twitter is a very popular social network and the number of registered accounts are rising day by day. The style and features of Twitter differentiate it quite much from Facebook, though most people with a Twitter account also have a Facebook account.
In Facebook, everyone takes pleasure when he receives a good comment from friends, or when his posts are liked by many. In a similar way, Twitter account holders boast on the number of followers - that is, people with Twitter accounts who have decided to follow up on their posts, thus becoming a "follower".

Thing is, what kind of posts and what kind of "social behavior" is needed to attract many followers and gain some relative popularity?

The answer to this question has been rather unclear, though there were always some clues on it. To start with, if someone is a celebrity with high popularity in real life, it makes sense that they get many followers, their fans. Secondly, journalists or other people who have access to news or topics that interest others, they also get to have many followers.

Other than those, gaining followers has always seemed to depend on quality and frequent content/posts, but how exactly people react to tweets has been rather vague.

The Surveys Findings

Researchers of the IT department in the University of Georgia, US, have ran a series of preliminary tests and surveys in order to gain some insight on Twitter popularity. They attempted to analyze around half million of tweets from 507 different Twitter accounts and in a time frame of approximately 15 months. Positive thinking, up to the point, well written and frequent tweets seem to have an advantage over others.

An important aspect of someone's decision to follow some Twitter account is the loose relation between the follower and the human behind the Twitter account. In real life, people socialize with others and share their hard and good times, stories of success or secrets, stories of pain or even death - these ways of connecting with each other is what makes the bond stronger between the people who share their experiences. Things are however way different when it comes to online social life; in Twitter, close relations never start this way. In fact, as the researchers indicate, Twitter posts no longer than 140 characters with happy, positive and inspiring content are more possible to attract interest to their writer.

Additionally, people who tweet less about their own life and rely more on the quality, reliability and originality of the information they are passing through to the public have greater chance of gaining more followers than those who tweet on their everyday life experiences. Celebrities are excluded from this rule, however - being a celebrity, your followers are mostly interested in your own everyday life.

The amount of retweets (RT) a post receives allows the information to be passed on more people and spread wider, thus increasing interest over the original writer. As a result, it is quite clear that the most RT's a Twitter account receives on their posts, the more followers they will have, simply because their information reaches further than their current circle.

Correct grammar, good syntax and in general well written content are also important; posts with many typos, wrong syntax and not convenient to read result in loss of interest of people. In general, the more people who "unfollow" a Twitter account, the more chances there are that new followers will not be on their way.

People who have invested some more time on creating a full Twitter profile seem to attract followers faster - that is quite obvious, because people want to evaluate the reliability and quality of the information they receive and a good way is through finding out more about the person who shares it. A complete profile allows everyone to see if the person is trustworthy enough and then their tweets will have higher importance. Creating a detailed profile seems to be a good start if you want to increase your followers.

Other parameters which seem to affect the amount of followers a Twitter account will have are the profession and origins of the owner, the topics discussed and their relation to the interests of the follower-to-be, the nature of the content and the activity of the owner on other social medias, such as Facebook or LinkedIn.


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    • Eric Calderwood profile image

      Eric Calderwood 4 years ago from USA

      Great information. I took notes while I read this hub. Now I'll implement them in my Twitter account. Thanks.

    • Careermommy profile image

      Tirralan Watkins 4 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

      CyberFreak this is good information. Unless I read wrong, I actually didn't realize a RT meant that you were retweeting to your group, along with the originator's group of followers. That's a valuable piece of info. Thanks for sharing.