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Google Search Tricks that will amaze you.

Updated on January 14, 2014

It's right time to take a break from your work and pause for a moment to appreciate Google's surprises. In addition to all those useful productivity stuff Google offers, including the search tricks and tip, there are some hidden fun tricks- something you did not quite expect from Google. The first thing I did- after playing with these hidden Google tricks was to write this post. Sure they are going to light up your day!

I am sure most you know about "Do a Barrel Roll" ; an Easter egg from Google that went viral on many social networks. Google has in it a list of such cool features for you to enjoy right away. Maybe it is time for you to keep aside your work and enjoy these amazing hidden tricks right now.

Most of the tricks mentioned in this hub are run by third-party websites that are not affiliated with Google. Yet, these tricks have become popular as Google Search tricks and so goes the name.

Google Gravity

Go to the Google search and type Google Gravity. Click on "I'm Feeling lucky" and enjoy how gravity affects your screen's interface. If you have enabled Google Instant, you will find "I'm Feeling lucky" on the right side of search option that you hover on.

Everything you see on the screen including the search bar falls down and stacks at the bottom, ready to jump at your command. Click and drag these stuff to toss them aside.

You can do your search and get your results. Just it differs from normal search as the results also will fall down on the stack and are cool enough to play with.You get the feeling that you are inside a building that is falling down!

Google Gravity

A screenshot of working of Google Trick- Gravity
A screenshot of working of Google Trick- Gravity | Source


Go to the Google Search bar and type ASKEW. Once you hit enter you will notice that all the search results on the page are lopsided and tilted. Not everyone may be sharp enough to find the difference!


Who doesn't love our good ol' boy Pacman. This Google trick lets you enjoy Pacman flash game. It is actually a Google Doodle created as a remainder of 30th anniversary of Pacman.

Go to the search box and type Pacman and then click I’m feeling lucky. Click on 'Insert the Coin' button to start playing the game.

The music is really funny and reminds me of the old Nintendo games of the late 80’s and 90’s.

Google Doodle- Pacman

Screenshot of Pacman doodle by Google on 30th Anniversary of PAC-MAN
Screenshot of Pacman doodle by Google on 30th Anniversary of PAC-MAN | Source

Chuck Norris

Go to Google and type Walker Texas Ranger star. Hit I'm Feeling Lucky and you will get a list of funny one liners that will bring the house down.

Do a Barrel Roll

As I mentioned above, Do a Barrel Roll was one of the most popular Google Tricks. To make this trick work, type the phrase "Do a Barrel Roll" in the search bar and click on 'I'm Feeling Lucky'.

You can amuse yourself with the Barrel Roll trick right here: Do a Barrel Roll

Watch this video showing how the Google trick Do a Barrel roll works.

Do a Barrel Roll

Where is Chuck Norris

A screenshot of the Google Trick 'Where is Chuck Norris"
A screenshot of the Google Trick 'Where is Chuck Norris" | Source

Where is Chuck Norris?

I bet you didn't hear about this one. 'Where is Chuck Norris' trick is one of my favourites. Type 'Where is Chuck Norris' and hit I'm Feeling lucky just as you did with previous tricks. And for the first time you will find Google unable to answer you!


Mentalplex was one of the best April Fool pranks ever made. Mentalplex was started as an April Fool prank in the year 2000. Because of its popularity, it is still available for you to watch and enjoy. Here is all about the Google Mentalplex:

Search Smarter and Faster with Google's Mentalplex!

Enjoy the Fragrant Experience with Google Nose!
Enjoy the Fragrant Experience with Google Nose! | Source

Were you tricked by Google Nose?

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Google Nose

I must say that this is the best April Fool Prank that I have thoroughly enjoyed. Google added 'Google Nose' feature to its main feature tab on 31st of March 2013.

With Google Nose Beta, it was said to be possible to smell and share aroma using the search. The Android Ambient Odor Detection Technology was supposed to take Google Search to the next stage beyond the type, talk and touch. It was said that the Google Aromabase included more than 15 million scentibytes! This technology was said to recognize smells from phones too..

Google Nose Beta offered also the features like Street Sense and SMEELLCD.

What made me completely believe this (contrary to the fact that I knew 'It was something impossible') the AdScent for Business! which was one of the experiences enabled with Google Nose.

Who will not believe if Google says these things? I found it to be a prank when I searched for more details; thanks to news spoilers. It was funny how many Google users, were trying to smell through their device, the things they searched!

You can still enjoy the Google Nose experience here:

Google Nose Beta

Google Nose Beta

Smelling is believing- Google Nose
Smelling is believing- Google Nose | Source

Introducing Google Nose

Zerg Rush

Go to Google search bar and type Zerg Rush. You can now enjoy how the Zerg Rush chews up the all the Google Search results.


This trick works great! Just type Recursion in Google Search and experience the recursion in true terms.

Google will ask you 'Did you mean recursion?'

Google Trick-Recursion

The Google trick- Recursion
The Google trick- Recursion | Source

One does not simply walk into Mordor

If you are a fan of 'Lord of the rings', you are sure to love this trick. One does not simply walk into Mordor is a phrase from the 2001 Fantasy movie Lord of the rings.

Okay, I know that. What's the trick?

Go to Google Maps. Click on 'Get Directions' and look for direction from The Shire to Mordor. Select 'Walking', and have a look at the first row.

From The shire to Mordor

Screenshot of how the trick works when you look for walking directions in Google Maps from 'The shire" to "Mordor"
Screenshot of how the trick works when you look for walking directions in Google Maps from 'The shire" to "Mordor"

Google Earth Flight Simulator

Google Earth Flight Simulator
Google Earth Flight Simulator | Source

Flight Simulator

This trick was included as a feature of Google Earth for it became so popular.

Open Google earth, go to tools and enter Flight Stimulator. You will enjoy exploring the earth flying.

Google Sphere

This trick is all about watching the page of Google Image changing into a sphere. Type Google Sphere and click on I'm feeling lucky to enjoy the Google Sphere.

Google Sphere

The Google Sphere trick changing the Google Image Search Page changing to a sphere.
The Google Sphere trick changing the Google Image Search Page changing to a sphere. | Source

Rainbow Google

Another Google trick that makes your search colorful is Google Rainbow. You can have a look at the colorful Google here.

Rainbow Google

Epic Google

Epic Google continuously expands the search bar and you will see 'Epic Search' and 'I'm Feeling Excessive' instead of Search and I'm Feeling Lucky.

Type the phrase Epic Google and hit I'm Feeling lucky to watch this work.

Weenie Google

Weenie Google is the little brother of Epic Google and works just exactly opposite of Epic Google. You will see everything shrinking continuously till it becomes too small to use. Again, you have to type the term Weenie Google and click on I'm Feeling lucky to watch this work.


Here is a trick for all of you who love ASCII art. Go to Google and look for ASCII art. Enjoy the huge collection of ASCII art.


Google Search results for ASCII Art
Google Search results for ASCII Art

Which Google Search trick did you find most amusing?

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Share your Trick

I am sure these hidden Google tricks made you go 'Whoa'! Share these tricks with your world and amuse them. Comment if you know any tricks not covered in this post.


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      type holy crap and press I'm feeling lucky U


    • Alex Adelman profile image

      Alex Adelman 

      4 years ago from Oakland Hills, CA

      nice find gnyani! that's actually way cooler than all the others

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      if u type atari breakout and do a google image search u can play atari breakout game .

    • jackofspade profile image


      6 years ago

      saerch for zerg rush and wait :)


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