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Time Lapse Video Shows Nibiru Planet X

Updated on August 12, 2013

Nibiru Planet X ???

Could this be a daylight image of Nibiru Planet X?
Could this be a daylight image of Nibiru Planet X? | Source

Upon Further Review

After consulting with the photographer Justin NG and further analysis I have come to the conclusion that the red object in the video at the 1:30 mark is just a lens flare from the Moon and not a planet.

If one looks closely they can see a star shining through the object which definitely would lead one to conclude it could not be a planet. I'm a little disappointed but in an effort to discover the truth one must be willing to admit when they are wrong, after all we learn from our mistakes.

The video is still an impressive piece of artistic work and I for one really enjoyed it. The other two videos I'm still convinced are evidence of Nibiru Planet X.

Time Lapse Video

While watching a new video from critically acclaimed photographer Justin NG I was actually looking for any accidental images that might show Nibiru Planet X next to our Sun and lo and behold I think I may have found one. In this article A New Time Lapse Video Shows Nibiru Planet X I will explore this sighting and many other photographs of my own and others that may provide photographic evidence of Nibiru Planet X.

Often times videos showing images of our Sun occasionally capture the mysterious planet as well which the now famous BBC video clearly demonstrates. Anytime I see video that has our Sun in it whether it is live TV broadcasts, recent movies or amateur photography I always look for images of planets that should not be there.

In this new video by Justin NG called Milky Way Meets Indonesia Volcanoes in Stunning Time Last Video (Mount Bromo HD) I was rewarded for keeping a close eye on all images with our Sun in it at the 1:30 mark of the video. For about three seconds of the video the image of a red planet is clearly shown in the center of the screen moving upwards towards our Sun.

Since I'm not an expert I can't say for sure that this is Nibiru Planet X but if it isn't, what planet is it?

Late last year I attempted to capture an image of Nibiru Planet X using my point and shoot camera with two floppy disk films over the lens as filters and have many photos of an orb or planet near our Sun that are not lens flares. I have added some of the better ones to the right and below for your consideration.

The BBC video from a TV documentary and a video a man in Ohio created shows the most definitive proof I have seen to date. I have added both of those videos to this article so that others that may not have seen them yet can view them for themselves.

Although the mainstream media has not acknowledged the presence of Nibiru Planet X, nor has any official announcement been made thousands of photographs and at least a dozen amateur videos clearly show a planet near our Sun. Certainly many of them could be hoaxes or frauds but the overwhelming amount of them are real.

Below is the video by Justin NG, pay attention at the 1:30 mark and decide for yourself.

Nibiru Planet X at the 1:30 Mark!

Author's Photographs

This was taken in December of 2012.
This was taken in December of 2012. | Source
The orb to the left is not a lens flare.
The orb to the left is not a lens flare. | Source
The two dark areas are my fingers holding the floppy disks in place.
The two dark areas are my fingers holding the floppy disks in place. | Source
A good shot of the planetary body at the 8 O'clock position.
A good shot of the planetary body at the 8 O'clock position. | Source
This shot shows the orb at the 11 O'clock position.
This shot shows the orb at the 11 O'clock position. | Source

My Photographs

I have taken thousands of photographs since buying my point and shoot for a class in college while earning my degree in Visual Communications. Even the most basic point and shoot cameras take excellent photos if one takes the time and effort to learn how to use them. A key is buying a tripod which will help you tremendously in getting quality shots.

The website Zeta Talk was the first place I read about using the inside of a floppy disk to use as a filter for trying to capture images of Nibiru Planet X. The floppy disks cut down on Sun glare and provide a red filter that is better suited to capturing images of this planet surrounded by a red dust cloud of iron ore.

Taking pictures of our Sun is problematic at best for amateurs because of the intense glare and will require some trial and error before getting good at it, so don't despair if your first shots don't show much, just keep trying it can be done.

If you go to the website Zeta Talk you can find hundreds of images of a much better quality than mine. I have talked to numerous people that have seen Nibiru Planet X for themselves and need no convincing, however to be blunt, even with out photographic evidence there is more than enough other evidence that shows this planet is here now.

I do not write these articles to convince any one of anything just to provide information that may help people understand the real reasons for the extreme weather, increase in large earthquakes and volcanic activity and other strange phenomenon that defy reasonable explanations. To help people prepare for an event that will shape human civilization for the next thousand years.

I believe in the not so distant future, probable this year maybe next, that the evidence will be clear for the entire population of this planet. The video evidence above clearly shows another planet next to our Sun and should convince most people that we are not being told the truth about Nibiru Planet X.

However if you consider the fact that most people would probable panic if they were told the truth about what may happen to the Planet in the next few years, perhaps our governments are indeed correct in not sharing this information with the general public.

  • How many people would stop going to work?

  • Stop paying their bills?

  • Stop doing all the things that allow our society to function as it does?

  • Stop paying their taxes?

  • Would their be mass migrations away from cities located on the coasts?

  • Would anarchy ensue, riots in the streets?

  • Would people stop obeying laws?

  • Clear out their bank accounts?

I for one don't think most people would react that way but the survival instinct is strong in humans so I could be wrong. I have known of the existence of Nibiru Planet X for at least thirty years and it has not caused me to do any of the things mentioned above. However thirty years is a long time to come to grips with an apocalyptic, cataclysmic, civilization ending event.

Of course, aside from the emotional and mental aspect of this event, I have prepared myself in other more practical ways to help ensure my survival. I live far enough away and at a high enough altitude to survive any large coastal flooding in the United States and I have learned ways to provide for myself in case I need to move quickly to another location.

Personally, besides being off the planet, I really don't see any truly safe location for anyone, anywhere. Hopefully in this article A New Time Lapse Video Shows Nibiru Planet X I have raised the awareness of my fellow human and provided you with some interesting visual information to consider.

More Nibiru Planet X Photos

These photos were taken in LA, California last year.
These photos were taken in LA, California last year. | Source


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