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Best Phone Cards to Call Japan From the USA

Updated on August 15, 2011
Mount Fuji
Mount Fuji

Find Out Which Phone Card Company Has the Best Rates to Call Japan

As a business consultant I rely on using prepaid phone cards to communicate with friends and business associates in Japan. I know many of you reading this might say "Why don't you use Skype?"

Well for one thing who really stays in front of a computer everday. And if you've been to Japan before then you already know that the mobile phone is extremely popular in their culture and society. Everyone has one and never leaves home without one.

I used many phone card companies before and today there are a few that I stick with and do price comparisons with. So I usually list a single best company right here. But specifically for calling Japan I had to split the "Best Phone Card" award with two different phone card companies.

But to make your decision just a bit easier, ask yourself this question:

"Will You Be Calling A Land Line Or Mobile Number In Japan?"

This is an important question to answer because phone cards charge different rates between land lines and mobile lines. You'll see what I mean below.

You Can Watch Me Log Into My Speedypin Account Here

The Phone Card Company You Should Use For Calling A Land Line

If you are using a phone card to make calls to a land line in Japan then you should use the phone cards from a company called Speedypin. You can read more about them here in another hub-page here called Speedypin Phone Card Company Review. You can also find out in that review on how to choose the best phone cards wisely.

I've been using their phone cards to make calls to Japan for years and their rates are the best so far. I say so far because I check prices often against many different companies.

Their rates are listed below:

Speedypin's Phone Card Rates to Japan Calling From USA

Quick Tips to Help You Choose The Right Phone Card From Speedypin

Take a look at the 6 phone cards above.

Notice that the first 3 phone cards have the lowest call per minute rates. However, they also contain the most fees if you go to Speedypin's website and check out the full cards details.

  • You should only choose the first 3 phone cards if you're sure you can finish those cards up in a week or in one sitting. Because if you can do so you are going to avoid the weekly maintenance fee.
  • Those same 3 phone cards also contain some sort of carrier service which gets deducted after you hang up.

The bottom 3 phone cards are fee free. These cards provide you with the actual advertised rates regardless of when you use them to make calls. Some of they cost slightly higher, but in my opinion they are much better.

  • You should use any of the bottom 3 phone cards if you know you are not in a rush to make phone calls. Because with absolutely no fees you can use those cards to make calls at your leisure.

To check out Speedypin's phone cards for calling Japan click here.

Remember I mentioned earlier that there is another company that has better prices for calling a mobile number in Japan. Read on below.

Nobelcom's Phone Card Rates For Calling A Mobile Number In Japan

Watch Me Log Into My Nobelcom Account Here

As you can see from the rates above that Nobelcom offers some really great rates for phone cards made specifically for calling mobile numbers.

But just like Speedypin's phone card options for calling a land line, Nobelcom also has phone cards with and without fees. However, there is an exception because Nobelcom only charges a nominal amount of maintenance fee (exluding the 1 Second Japan Card which has no maintenance fee). So in this case choosing any of the four phone cards here is acceptable in my opinion.

Click here to out check out the phone cards to call Japan with Noblecom

Just choose whichever phone card with the maintenance fee that you are comfortable with. For a full review of Nobelcom click here.


Both of these phone card companies that I recommend here are highly reliable and have excellent reputations in the industry. I made some short videos above to prove that I buy phone cards from both of these companies. I did so to you my readers that I only use products that I review.

If you need more information check Best Phone Cards to Call Japan. You'll find some extra information that might help you along a bit.

Have you used any of these phone cards before? Let everyone know about your experience.

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    • Edwin Clark profile imageAUTHOR

      Edwin Clark 

      8 years ago from Thailand by way of New York

      Hi katiem2, I'm glad I helped, Have a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

    • katiem2 profile image


      8 years ago from I'm outta here

      This is helpful information as my brother frequents Japan often for business. I like to keep in touch so he can tell me about the amazing tea's he finds. He loves buying great tea for me the green and Oolong tea lover. Organic are my favorite.

      Thanks for the great tips on calling Japan from the USA!

      Katie :)


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