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Cloud Technology, Here to Stay

Updated on September 20, 2012

One of the coolest technologies that is creeping up behind Amazon, FaceBook and Twitter is called Cloud Technology.


After the dot com burst in 2000, companies wanted to rely on servers that wouldn't collapse even if the famous nuclear attack would come to pass. Computer engineers realized the limitations of the average person that makes use of the computer advancements. Most of us start by opening an email, check FaceBook and sign in smoothly.

But what is behind all this? Since the invention of the IC (integrated circuits) and consolidation of servers and networks. There was a need to change a product, the computer, into a service: Keeping the high tech software, shared information, data access, and hard to understand languages behind a simple web page as a package or utility. The term cloud was borrowed from the telephone drawing network that would encapsulate all its intricate connections to finally arrive as a service through a pole into our house. HubPages is an example of this: You write an hub, it is stored and can be retrieve at any time. You don't need to be a tech savvy to finish your final product; you are at the end-user terminal. Thanks to web 2 advancements, interacting with other hubbers has been a common thing.


Software Engineers have applied all their expertise and discipline into these Technologies. From the Electrical Engineering part and through the Electronics, and IT research. Our lives have been made easier. How can anyone upload a video to Youtube or Facebook like clicking here and there? How can you easily order a product from Amazon or post a sale on Ebay with nothing but your personalized information and be able to generate a very powerful tag sale?


Cloud computing provides mainly data access as we said before, storage services and software that don't require the end-user to be a technical pro. Service oriented architecture abstracts from us the details of sophisticated Engineering that support all our needs. Just an example: you try to log in in your email. If you forget the password you will have to remember questions set up when you opened your account; chances are you will get around and log in, but notice that your answers were already stored and were available for use. You didn't have to mess with any html protocol and not even think about the archaic MS-DOS operating system.


Services that are provided, once the IP connection are established are called layers, which can divided in several sub-layers


Practically is your laptop, iPhone or tablet that uses the hardware and software available on the fly.


If you want to ride a pony, you don't' have to buy just pay your 5 dollars ticket for the service, and the owner will feed him and keep him in shape. The same way with a platform, which delivers several solutions stacks in a bulk of applications.


Ever wonder why you don't need to insert a CD application for an application to work? It's already been taking cared of, even before you buy an app or download a game. You don't need to run the application in your own hard drive. Maintenance and support is minimize for us users. Our Amazon link in HubPages is an example of it.


You don't need to own yahoo to open an email; you don't even have to buy shares from Amazon to use its network. Infrastructure combines applications and servers as a whole for your use and advantage. We buy these resources as a fully outsource service. You don't even have to own a server which would kill your budget.


Consist of the physical hardware and computing applications including multi core processors. Software is updated with founding of re known Universities and IT institutions.


There could be a danger in all this. A centralized networking can be monitored and handled in a non so private manner. If you check at the bottom of your yahoo email, you will read a warning stating that your info and activity will be under their "watch'. Legally they are telling you that any information that you send or trend that you follow will be used for commercial purposes. After September 11, Verizon and AT&T, secretly complied with a secret NSA program that monitored the lives of 10 million citizens. Privacy advocates were concerned with this revelation.


As we might wonder, how did Bill Gates made this future house interconnecting the microwave with your daily needs? The future is so promising that there are new words to be invented to define new cool activities derived from Cloud technology. Can you imagine paying your bills just by using your slimmest iPhone 6 as a credit card? Or remotely telling your refrigerator to make you an orange juice with seven ice cubes? I mean...imagination can fly and this hub will have no end. Enjoy! Cheers!


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