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Completely Free GPS Application For Your Android Smartphone

Updated on August 13, 2012
MapFactor GPS Navigator screenshot
MapFactor GPS Navigator screenshot

Smartphones have massively increased their sales last 2-3 years. This is because they combine cell phone features and computer processing power in a small totally portable device. With their additional connectivity through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc. it is no surprise that everyone around seems to have one, especially because their prices have dropped, too.

Android is gaining many fans as mobile operating system; it is open source, stable, it is updated often and provides millions of applications to choose; some of those are free, some come with a small cost. Typical style applications for which a user would pay, is GPS navigators; smartphones include GPS receiver, so with the proper software they can provide turn-by-turn navigation. Applications like Sygic and Ndrive are popular, but they need to be bought (or cracked, but that is illegal!).

There are more options, though. With Mapfactor Navigator, you can get a standard featured GPS app which works quite well, but has a major advantage over others - it is free!

Mapfactor is the most successful offline free navigation application and it joined Android OS recently; that is why it has not gained yet popularity among Android users, but things are soon going to change. It offers same features as other commercial GPS Navigators with no major disadvantages. It offers turn-by-turn navigation with voice guidance (you can select the voice you want, available in many languages) and its maps can be stored in SD card, thus it can work even when you are offline.

There is a vast amount of maps from allover the world, because they come from OpenStreetMaps; that is a collaborative project which aims in creating an editable map of the whole world and is aided by people from all around the Globe. The maps is the only weak characteristic of MapFactor, however; they are not very detailed, especially if you live or want to navigate through non-residential regions. You will surely manage to find your way, but you will not be able to get the street detail you could get from other GPS navigation software.

That being said, MapFactor offers an intuitive design with 2D or 3D graphics, day/night change, map rotation according to user tastes, ability to route for car/truck or pedestrians, and more. There is a big database with Points Of Interest for every country, and you can even search for them, as you can do for postcodes. There is also audible alarm when you are approaching a speed camera.

All in all, Mapfactor is a good choice for those who do not need to use their GPS everyday; a professional driver might not like the fact that maps are not perfect. Nevertheless, it is a fast, stable, professionally-made navigator with great style and fast routing that can be obtained for free.


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