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Digital Photo Frame – Perfect Gift for someone you Love

Updated on July 9, 2013

Photos are a great way to share and remember old memories. With the advancement in technology, sharing of photos is not restricted to printed photo albums. There are various ways to share your beautiful moments with your loved ones. One such way is to upload your photos on a 'Digital Photo Frame'. It is much like the traditional photo album, but quite cost-effective. There is only a one time cost associated to buy digital photo frame and after that you can easily upload your photos using laptop or desktop. You do not have to get your photographs printed to show them to your friends and relatives.

Digital Photo Frame can be a perfect gift for someone you love. Upload some of your snaps that you clicked when together, photographs of various outdoor trips before gifting it to your loved one. I am sure, your partner will definitely like this gift as it is easy to carry and you can place it in your living room or mount it on some wall showing your lovely photographs. You can daily change the photos to give your wall and home a fresh and warm feeling.

Gift Digital Photo Frame
Gift Digital Photo Frame

Buy and Gift HP DreamScreen Photo Frame

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DreamScreen Digital Frame - A Perfect Gift

Now, digital photo frames not only serves the purpose to view photographs but also incorporates several other unique features. You can play videos, transfer data using USB or wireless connectivity. They have good internal memory and also supports external memory card. Recently, HP has introduced its latest ‘DreamScreen Digital Frame’. It has 2GB of internal memory, touch screen button with remote control and also supports WiFi connectivity.

DreamScreen has several integrated internet applications like Facebook, Snapfish interface, Pandora application to listen songs and ability to connect with internet radio stations. It comes in two models with different display sizes of 10.2” and 13.3”. This latest gadget costs only in between $200 to $300. So, if you are looking for something in this price range, HP DreamScreen can be a perfect gift for someone you love. If you are short of budget, do not worry, there are various other photo frames that will not cost you a fortune. You can easily find one within $100 having limited but useful features. Almost all well-known electronic companies produces these digital photo frames be it Sony, Samsung, HP, Transcend and others.

So, if you are stuck in finding some gift or planning to gift some show-piece in an old fashion, hold on this time and gift this beautiful gadget to woo your partner and share your old memories together comfortably in your living room.

Perfect choice for Valentines Day Gift


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    • anujagarwal profile image

      Anuj Agarwal 7 years ago from Noida

      Thanks for the comment Jyoti. I'll consider your inputs and will add more information.

    • JYOTI KOTHARI profile image

      Jyoti Kothari 8 years ago from Jaipur

      Hi Anuj,

      Thanks for sharing. However, you have not satisfied my thirst to know about digital photo frame. Please provide more info on this topic which I believe, you are capable of.


      Jyoti Kothari

    • anujagarwal profile image

      Anuj Agarwal 8 years ago from Noida

      Thanks for the comment weblog.

    • weblog profile image

      weblog 8 years ago from 1India

      I didn't know there was such one, thanks for sharing. Thumbs up!