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Google Reader on Mobile Phone

Updated on July 13, 2011

Image of Google Reader for Mobile Phone

Google Reader for Mobile Phone
Google Reader for Mobile Phone | Source

Great Way To Stay in Touch With Your Favorite Writers

You are reading this article, so hopefully I can suppose that you like to read various articles over Internet. If you like an article of any blogger, then you would probably like to read his more articles and articles he is going to write in future. You may 'Subscribe' to RSS feed of his blog, to stay in touch with his writings. You can subscribe to his feeds in various platforms like newsvine, email, igoogle, Google Reader, bloglines etc. Google Reader is the one of the best platform to subscribe RSS feed of your favorite blog. To stay in touch with Google Reader subscriptions on the go, you may use Google Reader for mobile phone. Google Reader is very easy to use and user friendly website for your mobile phone. Below is some information about Google Reader for Mobile Phone. So, have a look on this information!

Google Reader for Mobile Phone

Open your mobile phone's web browser. I suggest you to use Opera Mini mobile web browser for good quality of mobile Internet surfing. is the web of address of Google Reader that you have to type in the address bar of your mobile phone's web browser. You may also save this web address as a bookmark in your mobile phone's web browser for further future use of the Google Reader.

Google Reader Mobile Interface

There is very simple and user friendly interface of Google Reader is available for a mobile phone. Google's team had worked very good to make it easy for you to manage and read your Google Reader subscriptions on a small screen of your mobile phone.

In a beginning of Google Reader page, you can see the button called 'Feeds'. Click that button and here you can manage your starred items, shared items, read items, notes, people you follow, recommended items and your each subscribed items. And that's it! Using Google Reader for mobile phone is simple like that!

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