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Hanging Scales

Updated on January 10, 2010

A hanging scale is a versatile weighing device that has a variety of applications. You’ll find these scales in use in homes, on the farm, at shipping centers, in industrial facilities, and more. In shipping, for example, a hanging scale can provide accurate weight readings for packages. Most scales are highly accurate, especially the digital models.  Dial scales, however, are still extremely accurate and do not require a power source. Most scales show users multiple units of measurement such as pounds, kilograms, and ounces. The advantage that hanging scales have over floor scales is the flexibility. Any strong mounting surface on the ceiling or overhang will work great for hanging up the scale. A variety of attachable platforms are available to accommodate different items to be weighed. For example, a curved bowl platform would work better for produce than a flat palette, which might be better for packages.

Several Dial Scales
Several Dial Scales

Hanging Dial Scales

Hanging scales that feature a dial are easy to read and require no external power. These scales are automatically set to “zero” which takes into account the weight of the unit itself and any attached components. However, when different platforms are used, the varying weights require the scale to be manually zeroed. Otherwise, the scale will give inaccurate readings. This is usually done rotating a dial on the back of the unit, or turning a special tool in a slot. Precision engineering allows for both small and large quantities of weight to be measured with great accuracy. Most scales around the home fall under the 20 pound range, and are commonly used for shipping and small businesses. Industrial varieties are capable of weighing several hundred pounds. To mount a small hanging scale, it is recommended that you use a stud finder to locate a solid mounting location. Using a drill, a pilot hole is created and a mounting bracket is installed. A chain is sent from the ceiling down to the desired hanging point, which then attaches to the scale using heavy duty S-hooks. The flexibility of placement means that these scales can be used just about anywhere.

Fish And Game

Fish and game hunters often use these scales for weighing their kills. Small fish, birds, and game are placed on a specially designed platform to prevent fluids from falling out. If the animal is placed within a bag or container, the scale must be zeroed out to account for that extra weight. The shipping industry often adjusts their scales to account for packing material and boxes. This way, an object can be placed upon a scale unboxed and result in an estimated reading of the final shipping weight.

Scale Made By Scalesco
Scale Made By Scalesco

Products To Consider:

Mechanical Hanging Scale By Scalesco:  This hanging dial scale is equipped with a 110 pound/55 kilogram capacity which would be suitable for most needs around the home or for small businesses. It’s lightweight, easy to install and features a blue enamel iron body. Safety is ensured with the included heavy duty S-hooks. The unit is adjusted to zero weight using a thumbscrew on the back. At only 2.4 pounds, it’s easy to install and move if necessary. It comes with a 1 year warranty.

Weston Brand Hanging Dial Scale: Individuals with more heavy-duty needs will appreciate the 550 pound capacity of this Weston scale. This scale is designed with sportsmen in mind, and is perfect for weighing large game and fish. The dial features both standard and metric measurements. A hoist or gambrel can be attached to the S-hooks for easy weighing of heavy objects. When your hoist or platform is attached, zero the mechanism using the included adjustment tool.

Portable Digital Scale
Portable Digital Scale

Digital Hanging Scales

Digital scales offer the highest precision possible through the use of a digital sensor system. Lightweight and portable, a digital hanging scale is capable of displaying exacting measurements on a LCD display screen. Most feature several measurement values such as pounds and kilograms. Models are available from a small capacity of several pounds up to hundreds of pounds. The advantage they have over dial scales is that they are fully digital and do not rely on inherently less accurate mechanical components. However, the casual user might not require such exacting standards.

Most units feature a “tare” function which deducts the weight of your holding container from the weight readout. Batteries or an AC adapter are required for function. Units that run on batteries will shut off automatically after a predetermined time period to extend life. As with dial scales, electronic hanging scales can be used for a variety of uses such as farm work, shipping and more. Portable models feature a handle on the top of the unit so that items may be weighed on the spot. 

Handy Portable Digital Scale


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