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How To Easily Find And Massively Download Pictures From Flickr

Updated on October 16, 2012

No matter if you check images online just for the fun of it or just download nice pictures for wallpapers or presentations, Flickr is surely one of the sites you visit often for these purposes.
Flickr is a popular, huge website with millions of pictures of every kind and style, an extremely good source for downloading. Nevertheless, downloading one by one would only work if you are satisfied with only a couple of the images you see. It is not exactly convenient when you would like to download many images at once; you would be forced to click on them one by one. consuming more time and probably not gaining the most of your image search.

Downloadr is a specialized program for Flickr, available for free, which offers various tools to search and download fast and more efficiently. Having a Flickr account will increase the software abilities, but is not necessary.

Downloadr window with search results found for search term "Greece".
Downloadr window with search results found for search term "Greece".

In order to start with Downloadr, you need to download the application and install it (you might be asked to download .NET 3.5, do so). When installation has been completed, you can immediately start your image search from Tags area; you will add here the tags that interest you. So, for example, if you are searching for "flowers" here you would type "flowers" but also maybe "rose", too. The search will start and the application will start loading the pictures that were found to include the particular tags. If you want to view additional details on the images, you can click on each one of them.

When you have selected a picture that matches your keyword and your tastes , you will view it at large size with an additional information field at the right. In that window area you will be able to view details, such as the title, the licensing of the image, the camera which was used to shoot the photo, the tags etc. You can select more than one pictures by clicking at them while holding Ctrl key, in the same way that it can be done with simple Windows tasks. A;so, still sSame as inside windows explorer, pressing Ctrl+A will select all images found. You can download those you want by clicking at Download Selected and you will be asked to indicate where the files will be saved.

The program supports enhanced combined search; user can opt to search for tags but also add other search criteria, for example period of time the pictures were shot, camera which was used, etc.


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