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How to Download and Install BitTorrent Client

Updated on May 16, 2009

Any BitTorrent is easy to download and install. Here, I only discuss about uTorrent (my favourite BitTorrent Client) downloading and installation process. The installation file of uTorrent is very small size. It's less than .5 MB. Currently its size is 268 KB. This page will tell you the process of installing BitTorrent client.

Steps to install uTorrent BitTorrent Client

Please follow the following steps to install uTorrent. [All the torrent client software installation is quite same like this one]

Step 1:

At first download uTorrent software from downloading, you will get a file named as utorrent.exe.

Step 2:

Double click on utorrent.exe. Now the operating system will ask your permission to install the utorrent.exe in your computer. Click on Run button. The installation screen may vary in Windows Vista, Mac OS X, Linux or Ubuntu.

Step 3:

Now the second screen recommend that downloading the software form the parent site itself to prevent malware. Click Next .

Step 4:

It will now ask the installation location. Give the installation location and click on Next button.

Step 5:

Within few moments, you will successfully installed the uTorrent on your computer. Now, you are ready to to use it. Now, when the torrent starts for the first time, it helps you out with a speed guide. If you are a novice user you may escape form this step to the end of other steps by pressing ESC key of your keyboard.

Step 6:

The speed test guide is used to find out your upload speed. If you don't know the upload data transfer speed then you can test it form DSLRepors website. Click on Run speed test at: button and within 2-3 minutes you will get the idea of your average upload speed.

Step 7:

Now you choose Connection Type that matches best and click on Test if port is forwarded properly button. If everything is OK the press Use Selected Settings. And now your BitTorrent client is ready to use.

© Written by rancidTaste

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