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Start BitTorrent : What Is Required to Get Started with BitTorrent

Updated on June 22, 2011

BitTorrent is a simple file sharing and downloading protocol which is used over the Internet to share large volumes of files. Before sharing of downloading any file through BitTorrent, you first have to learn how to start sharing or downloading using BitTorrent. To use BitTorrent you must require two things. One is a BitTorrent Client and another is the BitTorrent file you want to download.

BitTorrent Client

A BitTorrent client is the most important part of torrent world. Without any torrent client, it's impossible to upload or download any file over the Internet. There are a varieties of BitTorrent software. The size of the software is really very small compare to the capabilities. BitTorrent Client is actually a software which takes the .torrent file (you will know about .torrent file later in this page) adn reads the information of that torrent file and stats both downloading and sharing.

BitTorrent File

BitTorrent file is really very very small like few KB and contains the entire torrent information. The file has a .torrent extension. The funny matter is that this file is not the entire file. It just contains the information that points to the actual file and the computer which are sharing that file. You can tell it like a map for BitTorrent Client. BitTorrent Client gets all the information form it to assemble all of the pieces of files together. Finally, by downloading and sharing all the pieces together, the entire file is downloaded in your computer.


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