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M-Edge Executive Jacket - Leather iPad Case with Storage and Works as iPad Stand

Updated on March 29, 2011


The m-Edge Executive Jacket for the Apple iPad has unique features. Not just unique – but functional enough to believe that the designer might have an iPad of their own. What features are missing from most cases? Usually there is no storage built-in. There is seldom a comfortable way to hold the iPad in one hand either. The Executive Jacket has a padded handle that is easy to grasp and balances the weight of the 10.1 inch iPad so it is easy to operate it with your free hand. After all, if you have to have a desk or table in front of you – where is the portability offered by a tablet – namely an iPad. What are we to do with our ear buds, business cards and that occasion note that we carry? When you simply need an iPad case that is functional and really looks good the M-Edge Executive Jacket deserves a look. Then last but not least – you can use the M-Edge Jacket as an iPad stand.

Starting from the outside in – the M-Edge Executive Jacket is stylish and looks and feels rich. The leather used is a high quality so it looks professional. If you have ever smelled the distinctive smell of new leather – and liked it – you will enjoy this case. The strap reaches all the way around the center of the m-Edge Executive iPad Jacket. The strap is not sewn down to the back of the case which allows it to form a handle. Your hand will fit between the case and the handle giving you secure one-handed control of your iPad. The front of the strap forms the closure that allows the iPad to be hugged by the M-Edge Executive iPad Jacket. On the front of the case there is small a pocket formed that accepts the loose end of the strap that is attached to the bottom side of jacket.   

With your hand slipped through the back handle the front of the M-Edge Executive Jacket will lay back and away from the iPad screen. The inside is a light gray color and you will notice the small pockets sewn to the inside liner. The pockets are meant to hold small accessories which might include some business cards and a small note pad. Don’t expect to carry anything bulky however because the pockets are not gusseted and the case would not close properly.

As you move towards the spine of the M-Edge Executive Jacket you will notice two small elastic bands. This is one of the unique features I mentioned before. This area is designed to help you control those hard to store ear buds. Moving onto the inside back of the case you will see the same gray liner.

One the bottom right and left corners there are small leather tabs that the iPad sits into. Have you ever seen those little white corner tabs that old fashioned picture albums use to hold pictures at all four corners? Although they are much bigger and are made of the same nice leather as the outside cover – I am reminded of picture corners. At both top corners there are small elastic straps that you pull over the top corners of the iPad.

 Impressively the iPad is held firmly inside the M-Edge Executive Jacket. There is no sloppiness or slippage. The elastic corner straps do not cover enough screen landscape to interfere with anything you might be do with you iPad. All of the ports and buttons are exposed so there is no need to remove your iPad from the jacket. One advantage of this system is that it makes for a thinner case and overall look and feel.


The M-Edge Executive Jacket is not designed to lay the back cover completely back-to-back with the front cover. It feels too stiff to use the jacket in this manner and the strap would be rendered unusable in this orientation. This iPad jacket does have one more trick however. It will serve as an iPad stand by bending the front of the case partially to the back and looping the loose end of the strap backwards and inserting it into the same pocket that holds the iPad closed in its closed position. This forms a sort of lean-to design that works well to stand the iPad into a landscape orientation. Then lay it over to the back and since the iPad offers the rotating screen feature you can use the jacket in a typing orientation. 

Once your work/fun is done close the M-Edge Executive Jacket and slip the loose end of the strap into its proprietary slot – then you will see how nice the entire package looks. The jacket’s edges extend just a smidgen past the edges of the iPad on three sides so it shows that it was designed specifically for the iPad. There are multiple colors available. The purple pebble M-Edge Executive Jacket is pictured above but there are other choices. The smooth leather version includes Mocha, Black and Jade Green. The Pebbled leather includes the choice between Purple or Fuchsia.

Are you one of those that use an Amazon Kindle in addtion to your iPad? M-Edge makes an Executive Jacket for it as well.


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