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Most Effective Keyword Research Technique

Updated on May 10, 2011

Best Keyword Research Techniques

Spend five minutes researching how to earn money online or on how to make money with AdSense or other online advertising networks, and you'll hear that the key to making money writing websites or making money with Hubs on HubPages is getting enough traffic.

What's more, you'll find that getting the right kind of traffic is also important. The best traffic for earning money with websites is organic search engine traffic. The definition of organic traffic is traffic that comes from visitors who searched for something on Google, Bing or other search engine and then clicked on a high-ranking search result link in order to arrive at your website.

Finally, you will find universal agreement that the key to getting lots of organic search-engine traffic is good keyword research. Without high paying keywords that generate lots of traffic and pay out high CPC rates, your websites will be nothing more than proud testaments to your writing ability (or lack thereof).

What you will discover is much harder to find is good advice on keyword research. Much of the so-called keyword research knowledge published around the web can be broken down into a handful of basic keyphrase research techniques.

  1. Use Google AdWords Keyword Research Tool
  2. Use SEOTools Keyword Research Plugin
  3. Use WordTracker Keyword Research Service Paid Version
  4. Use Free WordTracker Keyword Research Webpage

Unfortunately, what no one seems to know how to explain is how to find high paying keywords that have low enough competition from weak competing websites to type into all of the keyword research tools.

Until you get an idea of what key words to try researching with these online ranking and research tools, you are stuck in low gear.

Earn Money Writing Online

How To Find The Best Keywords To Research

One of the top keyword research techniques is to analyze your current webpages and traffic to see what brings visitors to your websites from search engine results. A tool like Google Analytics or other website logging tool will show you how visitors got to your website in the first place. These webmaster tools will show what keywords generate high traffic to your site. Obviously, if a keyword is driving traffic to your website, then you already know that the competition for that keyphrase is weak enough that you can rank high enough to get traffic.

Furthermore, since you already are getting search results to drive organic traffic to your webpage, you know that there is enough traffic to that keyword to earn money with ads on your webpages.

So, the simple way to make more money with AdSense or Amazon Associates, or any other advertising or affiliate program is to look at those keywords that drive traffic to your site then, just beef up your content to grab more traffic from the existing keywords, and also add more content to grab traffic from related keywords.


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