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Opera, a web browser that can make your life easier

Updated on July 9, 2011

How many times did you have to worry about the safety of your personal information when surfing the web? With electronic commerce so widespread, it is really difficult to spent a few days without having to buy something in a web site.

This is when the importance of a fast and safe web browser arises. You need the confort of buying from home, but at the same time you really need to make sure that your information is being handled in the best possible way.

Another common concern when browsing the Internet is speed. With the new websites using more dynamic content, such as Javascrip, flash, and other technologies, it is necessary to have browsers that can run such web sites at maximum speed.

Opera, the fast web browser

If you need a faster web browser that doesn't sucks too much, Opera may well be a good choice for your. Opera was designed from the beginning to be fast and standards compliant.

Different from Microsoft IE, Opera runs on a large number of platforms, ranging from Windows, UNIX, Mac OS, to portable devices and even game consoles such as the Wii.

The means that Opera is a well designed product that has been able to adapt to very diverse technologies over the years. And it is still a pretty small web browser compared to Firefox or IE7.

Main Features of Opera

Here are some of the features that Opera has introduced

Speed dial browsing: everybody has a small number of web sites that are of their interest. Opera simplifies the access to frequently used web sites with a "speed browsing" method. You can type a keyboard combination and go directly to the a web site that has been pre-configured to that combination. A separate page shows all you speed browsing web sites in a preview mode, so it is even easier to go where you want.

Embedded bittorrent application: with Opera you can directly download bittorrent files, so you can find music, videos, and other content in the web and have it downloaded directly in your browser window.

Load without graphics: if you are over a slow connection, there is the option to download a web page without graphics. If you still need to use the web under dial up connections, this can be a great feature.

Download manager: with opera, you can download large files, pause the download and restart it later if necessary. The embedded download manager takes care of the download process, so you don't need to worry about losing connection when downloading large files.

Safety options

Opera also has a lot of nice features to improve your safety when browsing the web. The main advantage in this case is that the Opera browser in general doesn't have the same bugs of IE7 and Firefox.

Since not many people use Opera for web browsing, most web scams, viruses, and trojans don't know how to exploit the Opera web browser. In contrast, Internet Explorer is so targeted by hackers that pretty much every security breach in IE is used to steal information.


Finally, a reason why I like to use Opera is its speed. The browser is one of the fastest around, and all my pages load very quickly as a result.

Using tabbed browsing (which was introduced in Opera even before Firefox), it is a very easy to navigate over several pages without any performance problems. I really enjoy the simplicity and the raw power of Opera.


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    • Seasons Greetings profile image

      Laura Brown 

      4 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Opera is still great all these years later. I tried it when it was new but actually, it is far better now (in 2014) than it was years ago. I use Opera instead of Firefox, but Chrome is still my main web browser. However, I only use two of them because it helps when I have two accounts on the same site. Opera is just as good as Chrome expect for the odd site which will only work with either Chrome or Firefox.

    • raymondphilippe profile image

      Raymond Philippe 

      11 years ago from The Netherlands

      I totally agree. Opera is a great browser!


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