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How to Organize Your Android Phone or Device with Free Apps and Widgets

Updated on October 25, 2011

The Need

Now that I've had my Samsung Intercept mobile phone for a few weeks, I've learned a few important lessons about how to best organize it.

There are some free apps that will make your life significantly easier when it comes time to locate your favorite game, that new app, or "whatever".

Regardless of what kind of hardware you have, we all have a version of the same operating system and a shared need for better and more customized organization.

In this hub, I will review and illustrated the following apps and their usefulness to your Android's organization:

  • Apps Organizer
  • 24 App Widget Lite
  • Space Saver Widget Free

There are, as I'm sure you suspect, many more free apps out there to organize your phone, but these are my current favs.

Whether you own a Droid X or an Android Tablet, a Samsung Intercept or an HTC Evo, organization is so important with the Android OS because it is so much more "complex" than our phones of the past.

I believe that these apps are available whether you hail from the mobile US (Verizon, T-Mobile, Virgin Mobile, Sprint, etc), mobile UK (Vodafone, O2, Orange Mobile, T-Mobile, or 3 Mobile).

Please feel free to suggest any free apps that you've found particularly useful to organize your Android OS mobile phone.

App Organizer

Click thumbnail to view full-size

App Organizer

The App Organizer is an excellent Android mobile phone app. 

This app allows you to assign customized labels to all of the apps on your phone. 

For example, if you've installed the App Organizer, you might assign a label called "tools" or "system" or "organization". 

If you want the Apps Organizer to show up in more than one label menu, you may want to assign multiple labels. 

For example, if you install an email app like Gmail, you may choose to assign "office" and "email" to the app as labels. 

The end result of this labeling frenzy is a sortable app list by "tag". 

To make it easier to access your categorized apps from your home screen, the app has icons for each label.

When placed on the home screen it will , the icon will be labeled by the "tag" it represents, such as "email". 

When you press the icon from the home screen, it will bring up a menu window like opening a folder on the desktop (not in full screen). 

From this window, you can choose any app that you've assigned the label to. 

The desktop window sizes itself proportionally to the size of how many apps are in it. 

Phandroid - Apps Organizer Walkthrough

Space Saver Widget Free/24 App Widget Lite

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Space Saver Widget Free/24 App Widget Lite

The 24 App Widget (see top widget on image to the right) replaces the space used for four regular icons with 24 icons in a 6x4 icon cluster.

The Space Saver Widget (see lower widget on image to the right) replaces the space used for four regular icons with 24 icons in a 3x8 icon cluster.

These icons can be randomly assigned by the program, or they can be specifically assigned.

The "free" versions of these apps only allow one instance of the widget. Between the two of these apps, however, you get 48 unique shortcuts opportunities in the space that would use just 8 regular icons.

I was originally concerned that the icon's proximity to each other would lead to many mistakes in clicking on the wrong app.

This has so far not been the case.

The paid version of these apps (allows multiple instances) are inexpensive-Just $0.99.


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      Khattak 5 years ago

      great phone, i was reading some related info at :

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      Mike 6 years ago

      I'm going to try some of these tips tonight! Thanks for sharing!



    • iApsara profile image

      iApsara 6 years ago from Dhaka, Bangladesh

      I think app organizer is the most effective one cause we have to often install multiple apps for both our Business and also for personal purpose. So, it makes easier to handle apps in my Android business phone. But Space Saver Widget is also looking impressive.


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      brad 7 years ago

      This is a great phone. I wish it was slightly faster, but I feel like I'm getting a killing for the money I've shelled out for it!