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Selecting the Default Joomla! Template: How to Choose a Default Template in Joomla?

Updated on June 6, 2011

Each Joomla! site has at least one default template. When visitors access the website then the default template is visible to the visitors. Remember, each Joomla site has only one default template. Your website may include lots of template installed but you must have to choose one template as the default template for your website. Selecting a template as the the default template in Joomla, should be discussed in this page. Selecting the Default Joomla template for your website is quite simple and easy.

Reasons to Choose Default Joomla! Template:

  • Selecting a template default makes it available outlook of the website when any visitors access to the website.

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Prerequisites to Choose Default Joomla Template

Getting Ready to Start

To find the default Joomla installed template, you need to log in to the Joomla! administration panel, which you can reach by going to the address directory (where Joomla! is installed) in your web browser address bar.

Note: Here example is the name of your domain address. If your domain name is like then you have to go address and then have to log in with username and password.

Steps to to Choose Default Joomla Template

Step 1: Log in to the administration panel and navigate to the Template Manager feature of your Joomla site from Extensions | Template Manager option in the menu. A list of installed theme will be found there.

Step 2: Select the radio button next to the theme's name that you would like to make as the default template for your website. For example, we choose JA_Purity template for this example.

Step 3: Simply click on the Default button to select that template as the default template displayed
on your website.

Step 4: Go to browser and refresh the frontend of your website. You will see the new template in action for your website.

Tips and Tricks

  • Changing default template, could not change the website contents. All the content remains the same, but the design changes only.
  • After changing the default change, it is a good practice whether all the menus, search options, posts etc. working ok or not.
  • After changing the default template, please check whether the logo of your website is visible or not. If not then you may need to do some work for changing the logo. Detail instructions of changing your Joomla website logo can be found Changing Joomla Template's Logo: How to Change Logo in Joomla Template? 

Final Words

This page just describes the detail step by step to change the default template of your Joomla website. Hope, you can easily change the default template of your website following these simple easy ways. However, if you face any difficulties or problem then please mention it to the comment section.


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