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What's the effect of putting an RSS feed on your blog from a website that links your blog?

Like this: Website independently posts a link to your blog on their site. You decide that's pretty cool and you like their site, plus it's relevant to your blog; so, you put an RSS feed of their site on your blog. Is there an effect, good or bad, to search engine indexing. I remember something about there being back links, some go one way, others go two ways. Still a newbie, wondering how all that works.


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Mike Russo (peoplepower73) says

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5 years ago
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    Nathan Bernardo (NateB11) 5 years ago

    Very good hub, very instructive, great videos. What I'm wondering is if duplicate content is the only issue that might arise. Even though the two links, link to my blog and the other site's RSS feed were placed independently, if that's google's view.

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