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Everybody Needs a Car Cell Phone Holder Nowadays!

Updated on November 2, 2014

Probably today no one that won't own at least a cell phone. It has become one of the most important communication tool that everyone carries and there is absolutely no reason for not to be found unless he or she decide it. A car cell phone holder is a very useful device when one is on the road. It holds up the phone for easy access and you will know where to find your phone when in your car.

Depending on the model of the phone that you use, there are lot of varieties phone holder that you can choose from. The most basic cell phone holder is the one that provide a place for your phone to dock. You just simply place your phone on it when driving and if a call is coming in you can see who is calling and if you have a headphone bluetooth connected to it, you can even pick it up with just a press of a button. . 

Car Cell Phone Holder
Car Cell Phone Holder

A mobile holder can be mounted on the dashboard, vent or even on the windscreen shield (the suction type). With the advancement of technology in hand phone such as with the introduction of iPhone, Android, Blackberry and etc, the holder also get advance too. Unlike the traditional holder that does nothing than act as a docking place, varieties features are added to it. This include battery charger (connected from the car DC output), FM transmitter (playing mp3 song from the cell) , hands free built in and many more. But this depends if your hand phone support these features.

Some of the sophisticated phone holder that you can find on the market include those that made for iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia, Samsung and Android. These smart phones have a lot of features and functions that can be fully utilized with a better enhanced car cell phone holder. But be prepared to fork out more money should you need this type of car phone holder.

However, my research have shown that most powerful car phone holder is built specifically for Blackberry, the most favored phone among business executives. It's sleek, smart and purposely engineered for business use. If you have a Blackberry, do check out the car holder below.


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