Have you thought of quitting Facebook? Why you should

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    ESP1983posted 4 years ago

    A lot is said about Facebook- especially concerning privacy, the social network's service and the changes it continuously faces over the years.

    What started being a nice, promising social network (that managed to become the most powerful of its kind in modern history, displacing MySpace and Messenger), has now turned into a big monster which many people are afraid to leave for reasons like

    1. Lost contact with "friends"
    2. Employers may not hire them based on "suspicion" on why they don't join the site
    3. Not being able to interact with others
    4. Not being able to play their favorite virtual games

    While it is true that Facebook has become a strong part of many people's lives as they were able to find out about previous friends from their past as well as family members that live far away and the site provides a free way to interact with them, Facebook now contains a lot of problems that makes it kind of dangerous or at least inconvenient for their users.

    I just sent my account for deletion, after 7 years and three different accounts. There are many good things about leaving Facebook- no more "worries" of being unfriended, no more hypocrisy, more time to do other things. As you may have seen in the news, there are a lot of flaws with the site:

    1. Constant hacking (my first account itself was hacked, but not for long)
    2. Privacy concerns (government spying, people stalking, Facebook itself monitoring a lot of the content, messages being sent to advertisers, etc.)
    3. Fascist-style monitoring- Facebook literally bans you for no reason. My third account was restricted from interacting with pages, after a really ridiculous non-offensive comment of mine was reported, and it was about 20 days, messages sent to see why they did it and there is no response, and there was no way to know when the restriction would end. Being not allowed to post on pages was one of the primary reasons I decided to dump the site for good. There is no reason to not being able (or now wanting) to respond to my complaints. They have a rule on their blocking/restricting people from certain features that say that THE BLOCK CANNOT BE LIFTED FOR ANY REASON. That means that if they mess up in their systems and block you for 30 days, it was their mistake but they won't lift the block until the 30 days pass. What the F is that?

    Interesting enough, I once reported a comment from a person who wrote that "all gays should be killed", after a week of "reviewing", Facebook found the comment was not offensive and would stay there.

    Facebook is a real piece of garbage, that ever since about one billion people decided to make it part of their lives, has now abused of its great influence and now is a big monster that will not keep any kind of order, it seems that is now all automated and people working in Palo Alto and other offices around the world seem to keep playing solitaire, Candy Crush or something else during their work hours instead of dealing with real people concerning over their Facebook accounts.

    The problem is that if Facebook has lost control it means it can be used to do great harm, and if hacking and privacy concerns are not dealt with this could derive in

    1. people hacking accounts for the sole purpose of damaging relationships, friendships and families
    2. report system abuse, a thing that happened a few years ago with Yahoo! Answers (once reported, even for "fun", the system deleted the question and took you off 10 points)

    Another final thing about Facebook is that, while some may consider it a good thing, it reveals the true nature of people using it. Generally, most people online are more real than they are when dealing in real life with others. In Facebook, depending on the content of their posts, you can know what true kind of personality a person has, and this itself produces a lack of interest of interacting with that person. Say, you found a friend from middle school you did not know about for years. You still have this middle school image of that person, but then you find him or her in Facebook and after some communication and excitement, their statuses begin to concern you. You realize that person is not even the ashes of that they used to be in middle school. Your image of that person is shattered and soon, you decide to unfriend them because it is upsetting how your image was so wrong. You forget to realize that life changes people, and that sometimes, the change is really the product of a series of events through their lives that end up they becoming what you don't expect.

    This means that Facebook allows people to show themselves as conditioned friends, instead of unconditional friends that no matter what happens, stay in touch.

    Let's be real- of a person you have as a "friend" only stays in touch with you via Facebook and it only limits to likes and short comments, and you write good things that remain unliked or uncommented, that means that you are thinking you are liked and loved by your "friends", but truth is you aren't. Quitting Facebook will just mean the realization that you only have a small group of friends or maybe none. A true friend will contact you by any means, if he or she does not that means THEY ARE NOT YOUR FRIEND.

    Facebook is a declining site, with more and more people leaving. Think about it, if the young people who are mostly immature and unknowing of real life for the most part leave the site, why should adults who must already know what I am talking about stay and face unasked trouble?

    If you want to leave Facebook, do it. You want to leave it because deep inside you know it has no point.

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      Zelkiiroposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Don't share your info with others, quit downloading porn (streaming sites exist for a reason), quit using Internet Explorer, get Firefox or Chrome and download AdBlock and NoScript, and run Ad-Aware/Malwarebytes to clean out any potential keyloggers.

      That'll fix that up real quick.