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How Can I really Make Income From My Social Networks.Is It really Working Or All

  1. questionier profile image48
    questionierposted 8 years ago

    How Can I really Make Income From My Social Networks.Is It really Working Or All Scams

    Lately, i stumble upon an article that was trying to tell me how to make Money from my social Networks. How Possible is it? I am still Looking at it a scams. Any help?

  2. dabeaner profile image56
    dabeanerposted 8 years ago

    To make money, you need to have people click on AdSense ads on your pages, buy Amazon books from your pages, etc., buy an affiliate product or your own product from your pages.

    Social networking is not going to do that directly.  IF you can get lots of links from social networking sites to those "money" pages of yours, that will raise your money page status in the eyes of Google so you will have better placement in the search results returned when someone searches Google for keywords that you have plastered all over your money pages.

  3. bostonsocialmedia profile image54
    bostonsocialmediaposted 8 years ago


    You can can make money with social pages no doubt.All you need is consistency and be clever to use the power of social media marketing to dominate google.Image your pages dominating the first page or even the ten first pages of google for your keyword or business.

    If your keyword is competitive, no problem.What I am about to say will kill all your competition and put you in front of your customers and theirs.

    Have your content on squidoo, hubpages, xanga, zimbio, and quizilla,etc.

    Bookmark those pages and ping them all with theirs RSS feed using pingomatic.(free)

    Create a video on youtube,viddler,buzznet,etc.Bookmark those videos pages and integrate the videos to your social pages.

    Bookmark your pages again.

    create more social pages with different web 2.0 properties and put your money site and the first round of social pages links in them.

    Bookmark the second ound of social pages.Ping them and their RSS feed.

    Check my link above to learn more.

  4. SPeck profile image43
    SPeckposted 8 years ago

    There's no money in social networks. You need to go after organic traffic. Learn about making niche websites and you'll make some money that way.

  5. stricktlydating profile image82
    stricktlydatingposted 8 years ago

    Hi, from my social pages, I always put up links to my Blogs on my profile and in the status bar. If its a topic that your 'friends' on these sites find interesting, usually they'll check it out. So the more 'friends' you have on these social sites, the more chance of traffic you'll have. Also, change your links from time to time to keep it interesting

  6. 2Xera profile image51
    2Xeraposted 8 years ago

    People are getting more and more less apt to follow links on social networking sites... We have one of our twitter profiles with 6000 followers and the other with almost 700. We have launched over 50 tweets at peak times and even have had hundreds of retweets but that has only generated about 8 unique hits to our site, and we are GIVING away free hosting.

    Your best bet if you actually want productive traffic is to follow dabeaner's answer and use AdSense.

    I wouldnt stake to much in Twitter in the terms of converting sales as these people see hundreds of twitter ads everyday they do not click.


  7. ave212 profile image59
    ave212posted 6 years ago

    You can definitely make money via social sites! I have done it and I can assure you that it is possible. I did an experiment last year on Youtube and it's still making me money. I'm not saying that you will make a full time living from this method but you should check this out:


  8. empowr-scam profile image61
    empowr-scamposted 3 years ago

    For the most part, all that social networks do is help you gain traffic and attention to businesses that you are able to setup outside of that social network.

    In that respect, the social network is only a tool for you to gain potential customers from and in no way can that be a scam.

    There is a growing number of blogging and social networking sites that actually pay their members for the contributions that they make - so you should definitely look out for those as they help you gain traffic to your businesses, while making money at the same time.

    Overall, you should use what works best for you, and not base your decisions on what is a scam or not until you actually give it a try.