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What is it that people spend so much time on the internet for, as a general popu

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    Savfilposted 8 years ago

    What is it that people spend so much time on the internet for, as a general population?

    The majority of people use the internet to do what...

  2. privateye2500 profile image44
    privateye2500posted 8 years ago

    Mainly 3 things:

    Sex is number one.  No one can deny it.  It is a Fact and IMO also a problem.

    Gambling is another biggy. (also a problem)

    Trying to make money is also big.


    Shopping - example ebay.

    There are many many more but those are HUGE and show up when you look up what people are searching for in live time.

    And that is the answer for the *general population*.

  3. Darlene Sabella profile image57
    Darlene Sabellaposted 8 years ago

    There are so many reasons, however this is the age of the baby boomers who are now retired and have nothing else to do, on their free time that is.  I know many of us are starting on-line businesses, I myself have several websites and I am running a handful of home based buisnesses. 

    For a generation that had to work hard, raise a family, most of use are comfortable with computers.  We can work around them and keep our minds active and also have play time.  Wonderful, ways to keep your family connected with everyone living in all parts of the country, not to mention the need to stay connected for the seniors out there.  Younger folks are looking and longing to hook-up, on some dating sites.  I need my computer to write my books, and to get everyone I know and care about on Facebook or Myspace.  Playing games on Big Fish on Yahoo. 

    Also, starting blogs to share and talk about issues that are important to each and everyone of us.  I think of it as the age of staying connected.

  4. svencill profile image60
    svencillposted 8 years ago

    I believe mostly that it is a way to deal with boredom. But then you have the ability to connect with people also.

  5. Kaybomb31 profile image52
    Kaybomb31posted 8 years ago

    In school they taught us that the internet opened up a whole new line of communication. This new media was different from radio or television or even newspapers because it allowed people to interact with each other from anywhere. Newspapers communicate but they leave the viewer out so to speak.
        Much like the telephone, the internet allowed people to branch out in communicating.
       There are many ways, however, that the internet can be harmful, and care should be taken when browsing sites and opening e mail. Just as we have more access to others, criminals have more access to us.