Which renewable energy sources offer the most promise?

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  1. Shil1978 profile image87
    Shil1978posted 13 years ago

    Which renewable energy sources offer the most promise?

  2. profile image0
    daddycool18posted 13 years ago

    hydro, wind and solar energy:--)

  3. Faisal Zaheer profile image60
    Faisal Zaheerposted 13 years ago

    I am a big fan of wind power because as long as the Earth keeps turning, the wind is going to keep blowing. Plus wind turbines are available in all sizes: micro turbines that can be installed on the rooftop, and larger ones that can light up a few houses as well as really big ones that need to be installed in specialized wind farms or out in the ocean at a distance from the shore. The price should keep dropping with the increase in worldwide demand. I hope to have wind turbine on my house soon.

    Solar power is another form of energy will not be exhausted till Judgement day! Current solar panel technology does not offer very high efficiencies, but the continued research should improve on that. There is not doubt solar will become ubiquitous in the coming decades.

    Maybe the most environment friendly renewable energy source is hydroelectric power. It offers power as well as a way to use water for agriculture effectively.

    I hope that I have been able to answer the question in a good way. Many thanks Shil19278 for your encouragement.

  4. Shil1978 profile image87
    Shil1978posted 13 years ago

    Agree - wind power does seem the most promising one to me, followed by solar power. Thanks for answering this question, and you are welcome, Faisal smile

    Thanks DC18 too for answering this!

  5. Coolmon2009 profile image81
    Coolmon2009posted 13 years ago

    As far as micro generation systems go, such as used in a single dwelling home or maybe larger, I feel a combination of wind and solar is a fairly reliable way to go. You can get the sun light in the day, and power from the wind in day/night. If you are blessed to have a reliable consistent source of moving water, micro hydro generation is a big plus too.

  6. frankie59siah profile image61
    frankie59siahposted 13 years ago

    Faisal, that's a good answer.  If anyone thinking of generating free electricity, it is a good idea to consider using both solar power (solar panels) and wind power (wind turbines).  That should help ensure sufficient electricity generated all year round.  Thanks.

  7. internett1t3 profile image60
    internett1t3posted 13 years ago

    For me its hydro, geothermal, wind, solar, and biomass, but I see that solar is the most promising.

  8. profile image52
    ricieposted 13 years ago

    Wind turbine is alot better to use the solar unless the wind isnt blowing but they make so much power the solar. both are expensive to buy a wind turbine that produces 12v of power cost about 1,000 dollars and if your not making it yourself and you plan on making your home off the electric companys  grid it will easy cost 30,000 easy and to get certified to get a u.s tax credit you would have to get certified electrocution to certifies your system.

  9. Kirancool77 profile image59
    Kirancool77posted 13 years ago

    There is a new emerging world wide network before our eyes. This is a global energy network and, as the Internet, that will change our culture, society and the way we operate. More importantly, will change the way we use, processing and exchange of energy. enough solar energy falls on the surface of the earth every 40 minutes to cover 100 percent of the worldwide energy needs for an entire year. For more information visit here Renewable Energy Sources :

  10. solar10 profile image61
    solar10posted 13 years ago

    1. Solar
    2. Biomass
    3. Wind
    4,5,6.. (others, depend on the potential of area)

  11. lime light power profile image61
    lime light powerposted 13 years ago

    Solar power is the most easily accessible and easily quantifiable for the general public. Wind is excellent for larger scale applications. biomass a good middle of the line technology.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for positive results from the wave and tidal power tests that are being run at various sites around the globe.

  12. doodlebugs profile image91
    doodlebugsposted 13 years ago

    I believe that while wind is a very good renewable energy resource, geothermal energy from deep underground, along with new kinds of solar panels, are much more promising resources.

  13. zduckman profile image60
    zduckmanposted 13 years ago

    Solar, folowed by wind, followed by biomass from hemp. There are solar arrays in the desert now that can power 10k homes from one. They use mirrors to focus sunlight onto a tower of sulfer, as the sufer is heated, it is run through tubes cooled by water...the temperature differentiation provides energy which powers turbines, which power homes.

    Look up Nichola Tesla on youtube. The technology has existed for 100 years to move away from fossil fuels.
    I agree with whoever said  the only thing preventing the transition is corporate profit.

  14. garrychristian profile image59
    garrychristianposted 12 years ago

    I think that wind is the most renewable energy source because it remains as long as earth remain.For more detail on the renewable energy please visit-  http://www.solawise.co.uk/

  15. Sustainable Sue profile image95
    Sustainable Sueposted 12 years ago

    For anyone interested in supporting the development of renewable energy, I just found out that Green America has introduced a bill in Congress for Clean Energy Victory Bonds. This would be a great way to both contribute to and profit from the energy revolution. http://cleanenergyvictorybonds.org/about


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