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are you in facebook? need a help

  1. sagar_thapa profile image58
    sagar_thapaposted 7 years ago

    are you in facebook? need a help

  2. profile image0
    ankigarg87posted 7 years ago

    Ya i am in facebook
    my id anki.garg87@gmail.com
    help regarding what

  3. profile image0
    askpowersposted 7 years ago

    so you are here to ask the question or asking me to question you smile

  4. bettanywire profile image56
    bettanywireposted 7 years ago

    Most internet users nowadays have Facebook, what is your question all about? Just tell us maybe we can help you.

  5. evolveasite profile image57
    evolveasiteposted 7 years ago

    are you trying to say should you use facebook. If that's the case then maybe try it out with an anonymous name before you go ahead and create a account with your real name

  6. internett1t3 profile image57
    internett1t3posted 7 years ago

    So what are you trying to say? Yes we have facebook but we have don't have your follow up question yet.