How do I present a solution to the oil spill problem? I have a possible fix.

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    dixiecrystalposted 7 years ago

    How do I present a solution to the oil spill problem? I have a possible fix.

    How far above the pipe flange was the pipe cut? Was it a clean straight cut? What is the pressure of the leak? What is the outside diameter of the existing pipe? What is the O.D. of the existing flange? Where can I send drawings? Is there a fax com line dedicated for correspondence?

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    Cumbesefposted 7 years ago

    I am a BP retiree. 

    The contact number for alternate technology is (281) 366-5511. You may call and register the product or idea that you have with the people at that number.

    Thank you for your interest in helping and good luck!

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    World-Travelerposted 7 years ago

    I am a former gravitational water flow systems designer.  My work took place in the high sierra mountains designing free flow gravitational water systems using pipe measuring 3/4 to 2 inches in diameter drawing off water from creeks and springs sending it on its way to cabin residences down the line.

    Oil solution possibility: What I would do first is determine the exact location and nature of the leak.  If the source of the oil is from a cracked pipe then the pipe should be cut at the bottom most point of the crack, and cut so that the cut extends fully across the pipe in a horizontal fashion.

    After that, lower a pipe that will fit just inside of the pipe that is leaking the oil.  This pipe should have a relief valve on it and the relief valve should be open allowing the oil to flow through the valve and through the pipe to which it is attached.

    The new relief valve and its pipe can be drilled, attached via a flange and bolted and anchored in place.  A flange could be welded to the damage pipe and used to connect or be bolted on to the flange of the pipe lowered from the surface which would be used to siphon off the oil from the well.

    If drilling holes for the first plan above is not practical then the two pipes could be fitted together and secured in place using a double female expansion and connection joint.

    In conclusion, a new pipe from the surface could be lowered and attached in place using flange bolts or another double female union.  From this the oil could be siphoned or pumped or vacumed to the surface into which it could be deposited into bunkers aboard ships on the surface for processing.