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Do u think Apple netbook is the best one?

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    nbbatt.composted 7 years ago

    Do u think Apple netbook is the best one?

  2. inspirearun profile image60
    inspirearunposted 7 years ago

    Apple always do better but that does not mean all of its product do good.

    One of the key selling points of a Mac lies in its usability, and a Netbook will not be able to deliver the full Mac experience with its small screen and slow single-core processor. Moreover, an Apple minilaptop will be unlikely to compete in price cuts and may cost as much as another premium Atom machine, the Sony Vaio P.

    If you want to know more http://theappleblog.com/2009/07/01/macb … -of-story/

  3. kschang profile image88
    kschangposted 7 years ago

    Apple has no "netbook", unless you count the iPad as one.

    Thus, your question cannot be answered.

    Perhaps you mean "notebook"?

  4. prasannastudies profile image60
    prasannastudiesposted 7 years ago

    ya apple monitors are world class. their quality and product style are good. now days apple monitors available at very low and cheaper rates.