I want to go further with solar power? I was thinking about using a solar array

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    lastdaze04posted 7 years ago

    I want to go further with solar power? I was thinking about using a solar array is that possible????

    Is it possible to use a solar array to turn water into steam, then use the steam to turn a turbine and make electricity that way instead of using solar panels covering the roof? I'm a noobie go easy.

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    greanearth83posted 7 years ago

    yeah something like that would be possible; but your looking at loosing a lot of energy and being copmpletely inefficient. Think about it like this. the sun heats the panels the panels  heat the water then transfer the steam to the turbine turn the turbine then make electricity. ok makes sence but in each step of that process the heat your producing is being blead off. Now there industrial sized systems like this. they use mirrors to focus the sun into a single point where it heats a fluid (not water) that is easily turned into a gas this gas and added pressure is then used to turn a turbine. the system is wellinsulated and also fairly efficient. But considder this. Your worried about having solar panels covering your roof.... Well do you have 5 acers in your back yard to cover with mirrors? my suggestion. is if your wanting to expiriment with solar energy stick to the traditional Photo valtaic solar panels (the ones that convert light into electricity.) If your just trying it out I would serriously suggest building them yourself. You can build a High quality solar array at home for less than $200. They are just as efficient as commercial solar panel systems. Not to mention they are WAY Cheaper!!

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