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Do you think that Google Plus will succeed and convert most teenage facebook use

  1. whoisbid profile image74
    whoisbidposted 6 years ago

    Do you think that Google Plus will succeed and convert most teenage facebook users ?

    Teenagers are the future. I am reading blogs telling me that the future for google plus is bright but I don't know a single human being personally who uses it but almost every teenage person I know has a facebook account. Do you think that Google Plus will win the hearts of teenagers like facebook has or will it simply end up being somewhere for middle age techies to hang out?


  2. joseph merlin profile image41
    joseph merlinposted 6 years ago

    As Far As my opinion I don't think so because facebook is now in blood of teen agers.. lol....so they are using it and facebook is giving you everything what Google Plus have ....

    And Now they change their interface look also facebook and day by day they are doing more then best.

  3. stylezink profile image82
    stylezinkposted 6 years ago

    No, I don't think so. Not any time soon anyway. On Facebook is where I learned about Google Plus. That buzz only lasted a few days and everyone is back to Facebook and no longer posting the "add me" for Google Plus. They don't have enough people signed up for Google Plus yet either, so Google's going to have to give/offer folks something huge for them all to convert. And it's going to have to be something new and cool to bring them all in. Unless they come up with something the teens will all stay on Facebook.

  4. Time Spiral profile image85
    Time Spiralposted 6 years ago

    Only if it becomes Facebook-official ... oh wait ...

  5. goraiasish profile image66
    goraiasishposted 6 years ago

    at least i don't think so because the google plus release many days but still it is not so popular ...and there are not great features and apps and games out on plus so forget it ...dude