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What are the top three iphone apps you would recommend to someone?

  1. teaches12345 profile image96
    teaches12345posted 5 years ago

    What are the top three iphone apps you would recommend to someone?

    There are over 200 apps created each month and it is hard to decide which ones would be useful or even fun as a game.  How do you decide which ones are useful?


  2. vinner profile image76
    vinnerposted 5 years ago

    you can find your favourite app based on your interest only. but I am suggesting  angry birds. also you can try some additional media player

  3. TraceyHolliday profile image55
    TraceyHollidayposted 5 years ago
  4. carbon12 profile image60
    carbon12posted 5 years ago

    I first one I would recommend is an app called Starwalk. This app does cost $2.99 but well worth the money. Star Walk is an awesome augmented reality app. It tags stars, constellations, and satellites you point you iPhone at. I love this app because I know where the planets are and when you tap on an object it will give you awesome details. Star spotting is do fun.

    The following apps are free and I would recommend due to their usefulness. Ok here we go... The Weather Channel, Quakes, iElements, Shazam, Project Noah, Fooducate, and WebMD are some I can think about.

    When I look for an app I debate whether or not it will be useful in some way. Some apps will have a lite or free version which allows the end user to test it. If a user likes an app that was free to download then if the app is not too expensive then I would suggest paying for the upgrade. The cost is usually $0.99 to $2.99. The least to the most I will pay for an app.

    Have a great day, my friend.

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    Giorgos Nikposted 5 years ago


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    Johnrr631992posted 5 years ago

    This hub talks about my top 3 crucial Iphone Apps, and why they are important. Featuring, AppZilla 2, Words With Friends, and Bank Of America. read more

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