What would you recommend as the best laptop in the market and why? Can you tell

  1. msorensson profile image73
    msorenssonposted 6 years ago

    What would you recommend as the best laptop in the market and why? Can you tell us your experience?

    I am researching the best laptops in the market and would greatly appreciate your recommendations. Consider it for a person who is semi literate in computers, as opposed to someone who works in the tech industry. Requirements are speed, portability, power (length of battery life), access to internet anywhere in the world, service from the company selling it, and most important, for me, is ruggedness, something like the old Samsonite commercial test..I love that ad of gorillas jumping on the luggage. Also, I am particular with keyboards. Screen size, also important but looks less important.

  2. Rolly A Chabot profile image86
    Rolly A Chabotposted 6 years ago

    I switched fully into the world of Apple and now have had an Mac Book Pro for the past three years. I must admit there is a bit of a learning curve and withdrawal from buying all the programs to operate on a PC.
    Since I have gone 100% to mac with two other iMac 27 inch both with Quad Core Processors and soon the new iPad 3.
    If you are looking for rugged the Mac Book Pro is awesome. Portable and yet light weight and battery life is 6 plus hours. Internet access is something you will need to look after with your provider. I carry a USB portable 4G Stick that allows me access anywhere but at a cost once you step over the order of the country you live in.
    Good luck with you shopping. Once Mac you will never look back is my opinion.

  3. AlexK2009 profile image92
    AlexK2009posted 6 years ago

    It depends entirely what you intend to do.   I would recommend an Apple MacBook Pro unless  you really need to work with another operating system.

    Start with Operating Systems. They are the face of the hardware.

    Apple's OS will not (legally) run on generic Intel Laptops. Linux will.  Windows is the most common.

    Apple was designed to be easy to use by creatives and non-techies. The operating system is robust and has lots of really nice features including auto backup.   If you are a developer who needs to work in Windows  or Linux you can run these systems in a virtual machine and get a lot of  programming languages free.  It is pretty secure but you still need to be careful. If all you want is the normal Office functions you can get these using free software. And save them in Microsoft format.  Note that some hardware ( some brands of printers and scanners) may not work with Apple or Linux.

    Windows is the most common system. It was intended for the business user.  It  has a lot of security holes and is in many ways less pleasant then Apple to use. There are very few features  Windows has that I miss on a MAC

    Linux is for the techie. You cannot use Linux without some technical knowledge. In fact normally you need some technical knowledge just to install it.  However it gives you full control

    Now to Hardware.  Apple is the most expensive. Windows and Linux cost the same but you have to install Linux.  In terms of quality Apple  beats a standard PC, and should last the 10 years  guaranteed chip life.  The laptops are heavy, but if you can tolerate a small screen then the MacBook Air is light and thin.

    As stated by Rolly, you have to be careful about Internet access. I usually find Hotels etc give good Wi Fi free or  at reasonable rates (except the most expensive ones where it is expensive). An internet stick works well ans buying a local sim card for access  can cut the cost  dramatically ( In Germany flat rate €25 per month)

    Applications: For most people the  minimum is a word processor, a web browser and skypr or similar. These are available for all Operating systems.

    Most Laptops have very similar specifications,  but

    The more RAM the better but paying 200 more for an extra gigabyte ram is not sensible.

    The bigger the screen the better but also the heavier the computer.

    Try the machine before buying. The trackpad may be very stiff, the screen may not be quite right for your eyes.