Backup hard disk partition table

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    manman008posted 8 years ago

    Due to the virus attacks or misuse, the hard disk partition table can be damaged easily, then it seems that only format the partition can recover the hard disk, but if we backup hard drive partition table in advance, all important data loss can be avoided.
    Hard disk tool Disk Genius provides partition table backup and recovery, partition parameters changing, hard disk master boot record repair, and partition table functions rebuild. Unfortunately, the tool must work in DOS mode (but it’s reasonable, because the hard disk partition can not be restored landing WINDOWS since it has been damaged, enter the DOS mode to restore the hard disk partition table is the only way).
    Disk Genius is running in DOS mode, the program will automatically read the disk partition information, and display hard disk partitions on the screen in the form of chart. if you need to backup hard drive partition table, press the "F9" key or run the "backup partition table" command under "Tools" and in the pop-up dialog box, enter the file name, you can back up your current partition table. If it needs to be restored, press the "F10" key or run the "Restore partition table" command under the "Tools", and then enter the file name, the software will read into a specified partition table backup files and update the screen, after being confirmed, backup can be restored to the hard disk partition table.