How can I drive traffic to my youtube videos?

  1. sweetzara profile image80
    sweetzaraposted 5 years ago

    How can I drive traffic to my youtube videos?

  2. Rhonda_M profile image84
    Rhonda_Mposted 5 years ago

    I got very lucky with one of my videos and get many hundreds of hits a day with it.
    Here are some things that helped

    1. Keyword optimization. Be sure your keyword is in your title and and in the text underneath your video. Also do a search for similar videos. See which one in your niche is getting a lot of traffic. Use some of their keywords. This is getting harder, but you can find the keywords by looking at the source  code for the site

    2. Embed your video on other sites including hubpages. If you have a blog, write a posting about your video.

    3. Write articles linking to your video

    4. Create other videos and link them together through the Youtube captions with allow you to link to any other youtube video right from the video

    5. Ping your video. This is a little like honking a horn in cyberspace. It lets people know you're oth their. You can do this several ways. Go to Ping o matic. com. Fill out the form for the Youtube site. Go to Mass-ping. do the same.

    6. Create backlinks with social bookmarking.

    7. Be sure you create great content

    8. Wait. Youtube's own search system will yield more hits in time

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    technoholikposted 5 years ago

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