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What is a program that allows data to be streamed from one computer to another v

  1. andrew savage profile image61
    andrew savageposted 5 years ago

    What is a program that allows data to be streamed from one computer to another via the internet?

  2. windygreen profile image61
    windygreenposted 5 years ago

    I'm not sure I really understand the question ... however... I use team viewer ... this program is downloaded (free) to both computers. Then the two can be joined through ip addresses and pw.   Team Viewer allows "partners" (the two comps. or people)   to view each others screens.  You can limit the access to just viewing or you can allow the "partner" to have full access to your files .... basically they can access your computer and use it as if it was their own from their own computer. You can also transfer files from one "partner" comp to another. Alot of people use this service to remotely access their own home computers or to get help from a freind on a problem they cannot fix...
    I STRONGLY advise being very careful in allowing full access to ONLY those (other than yourself)  whom you trust !!!! I also advise that you discontinue access with the other person as soon as you have completed whatever task.   You can re-add them anytime, but if you leave them on there, they can access and "fiddle with" your stuff anytime without your approval. 

    You can google team viewer to get the download. (its free).

    Hope this helps !

  3. Snurre profile image75
    Snurreposted 5 years ago

    Just use Dropbox and Google drive. All you need to do is have the app installed on both computers. Then files added to the Dropbox on one of the computer will automatically appear in the Dropbox on the other PC if both are connected to the Internet.

  4. neophonic profile image72
    neophonicposted 5 years ago

    I do not know what do you exactly mean by "streaming", but if you want to create a virtual private network, you can try HAMACHI network.

  5. daisydayz profile image89
    daisydayzposted 5 years ago

    We use Dropbox, its really good and its free, there is a limit on the size at the start, but if you invite others to join and contect with you to send stuff, the limit gets higher

  6. klanguedoc profile image92
    klanguedocposted 5 years ago


    it isn't so much a program as it is technology and APIs. There are several ways to accomplish this. If you are using HTML5 you could use Cross Document Messaging or ChannelMessaging. Cross Document Messaging is a one way communication between two different domains. ChannelMessaging is a two way asynchronous messaging between two browser windows that uses ports to attach to the window. However these also have protection in place so that these processes only run in their own sandboxes

    Also in HTML5 is SSE or Server-Sent-Events or WebWorkers. These both allow for asynchronous communication between a client and host computer. Both of these could be used to initiate communication between computers using peer to peer communication. You could also use TCP/IP or Telnet. Actually Telnet can be use to control remote servers and Telnet uses the underlying TCP/IP protocol which in turn uses an IP address.

    For instance you could enable the Telnet client in Windows by accessing the Windows features trough the control panel and "Turn On or Off Windows Features".  Select the Telnet client. Then from the "Run" prompt type services.msc to bring up the Windows services. Locate the Telnet service, right click on it and click on "Start"

    Once the service is finish loading, open a commend prompt by typing in the "cmd" command un the "run" prompt under the Start button.

    Type telnet followed by the IP address like: telnet To get the IP of a web site, simply write ping and the domain name like ping www.hubpages.com. Of course this is all theoretical because most web sites are protected by firewalls and proxy servers (its not like in the movies). However you could with the proper permissions to access a remote computer and then use a software to stream your data.

    Data streaming can be accomplished using a variety of APIs available in most programming languages like Java, Objective-C or C# or yet again PHP. You write a web service which could send and receive data streams. In Java you could write a servlet that uses the HTTPRequest and HTTPResponse methods. In C# you could also create HTTPhandler (ashx file) to receive and send HTTP responses.

    So in essence, there are many ways to stream data from one computer to another if you have the proper permissions or if the system is configured to allow such as thing over the Internet.

  7. klanguedoc profile image92
    klanguedocposted 5 years ago

    Several technologies, protocols and APIs in every modern programming languages allow for data streaming across networks. Datagrams, RSTP, RTP, HTTP, Peer-to-Peer, Telnet, TCP/IP, Sockets just to name a few. Discover the different options for media streaming and the different implementation from companies like Apple, Microsoft and Oracle. read more