How does the Hub Hopper work?

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    Page1 SEO tacticsposted 5 years ago

    How does the Hub Hopper work?

    With the Hub Hopper you are able to rate other writers' hubs, but where does this rating go in order for the Hubpages team to make use of the ratings, and how does it get there? Does it go to the team directly or does it go into a database that the hubpages team then has to pull the data from in order for them to make use of it?

  2. oscar86 profile image60
    oscar86posted 5 years ago

    Well I believe only HubPages know the exact answer to this question but we can make assumptions. When you give a thumbs up to a hub then the rating of it goes up. This is almost surely automatic and the system sorts through the results and gives the hub an appropriate rating. When you thumbs a hub down then it will tell the team that this hub does not meet the minimum requirements for the website and if a hub receives multiple thumbs down, a worker will probably review it and may remove it based on the content.

    As for the different categories of articles this probably determines which categories that the hub appears on the website. If it's "funny" then it may appear in the "Entertainment" section and so on.

    Just reminding you that these are only assumptions on how the HubPages team sorts through the results of Hub Hopper.